It's time. Lasting change is possible. Unleash your capacity to end a reliance on food and alcohol to self-soothe. Release shame. Transform. It starts with your mind.


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Our ability and desire to make a lifestyle change, to get off the hamster wheel of dieting, and to truly embrace whole-life fitness, starts with our mind.

Our perceptions, beliefs and past experiences all shape who we are and where we are today.

Only Fitlandia offers Mind Zoning® with all of its programming. These guided meditations will help you create a new mental picture so that you can develop thoughts that make living a healthy lifestyle easy and fun.

Imagine looking forward to cooking healthy meals; to creating a healthy relationship with food and booze; to prioritizing your wellness to thrive in all areas of life. You can.


Everything we deliver in Fitlandia is grounded in the principles of the Four Cornerstones of Fitness. From our research on why diets “fail,” we’ve discovered people fall back into old patterns when missing one of these four elements:

Good Nutrition

Daily Movement


Community Connection


Hey there! I’m Christa King, CEO & Founder of Fitlandia as well as a Certified Hypnotherapist, Nutritional Therapist and Lifestyle Strategist. After reaching the end of my Corporate rope in the Spring of 2012, I ventured off to a retreat in Sedona, Arizona that completely 180’d my life. Within four months, I left my career and embarked on a journey to crack my own code for solving the unhealthy pattern I had of overeating and overboozing. 


Our Signature Program

30 Days to Thriving is the only nutrition protocol that is designed to help you: end the vicious craving cycle, help you craft a dietary strategy that works for your unique body, connect you with a community for life to help you thrive, and provide Mind Zoning® audio sessions designed to help you rewire your mind for lifelong wellness. You deserve to feel amazing. You deserve to have it stick.



Designed to meet you exactly where you are, Fitlandia’s programs and retreats will help you break through the current obstacles holding you back from a life of vitality. All programs provide lifetime access to our community forum, as well as carefully curated Mind Zoning® sessions to keep you moving forward.

Strategic Vitality


30 Days to Thriving




"The Fitlandia team has supported me not only in what to change, but in fully understanding for myself the benefits of changing and how to really shift my mindset to a healthier one."

Monica B.

"Fitlandia provides all of the education, tools and support necessary for optimal wellness and a healthy lifestyle. Fitlandia is program that combines nutrition, exercise, and Mind Zoning® to support the physical, emotional and mental aspects of health, wellness and lifestyle changes to ensure steady progress, incremental improvements and sustainable lifestyle changes. While there’s a near explosion of information and mis-information out there, Fitlandia debunks the myths, fads, and trends and provides sound, scientific information on nutrition, dietary approaches and the psychology of getting healthy. Sound science coupled with the emotional and mental support via Mind Zoning®and the Fitlandia community ensure that everyone—no matter what their current level of health and fitness—can succeed"

Darlene Reed

"Hey folks this is the program that truly got me started into the healthiest chapter of my life!! I've lost 50lbs from my body over an 8-month period, feel the most whole and energetic that I've felt in years! Christa and her crew are so supportive and helpful. I couldn't recommend an experience more. Peace and good health to you always!!"

Caren M

"On "Strategic Vitality: 11 Small Steps for a Big Transformation:" A powerful, concise book guiding you through a personal journey of permanent change. Christa shares her passion and knowledge teaching us how to acknowledge our internal challenges, explore self-awareness, release guilt, create new habits and resolve stress. Using simple techniques she gives us the tools and resources to realign our lives. Learning how I can readjust the way my mind is wired has been truly amazing. For the first time I understand why I have cravings, have been able to acknowledge the self-sabotage and stop the dieting yo -yo. This is an amazing journey I would recommend to anyone wanting to improve their energy and live life to its fullest."

Nikki C.

"I have battled with yoyo diets all my life and am a certified chocoholic (in recovery!), but following Fitlandia's eating plan and detox (which is by no means as restrictive as it sounds) has turned my eating habits around. Getting my head in the right place to change what I have done for 40 years hasn't been a quick process by any means, and I wish I had got into the zone earlier, but now I have, I am 100% changed in the mindfulness of what I put into my body and feel much happier about myself. The really positive thing that has happened to me since starting this journey is that since changing my old eating habits, I have no cravings and no need to snack between meals, which has always been my downfall. Christa's drive and belief is so amazing - she is extremely passionate about what she does and she really wants to help people achieve their optimum health goals. I am certain that I will not go back to the way I used to eat, and since starting the plan with Fitlandia I have been more energetic, slept better and lost weight. "

Abi B.


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10% of the net profits we earn through our signature 30 Days to Thriving program goes to support non-profits we love: the Oregon Humane Society & Charity Water. We'll donate an additional $100 on behalf of our VIP Members and Corporate Wellness Clients.


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