Fitlandia’s Mission: End Dieting

Diets expire. People end up in a painful cycle of yo-yo dieting and struggle to make the permanent lifestyle changes they desire. But why? Because it’s a complex problem that requires a holistic solution.

Unlike other “dieting” programs available, Fitlandia is radically different (and the first of its kind)!  We focus on changing from the mind out.

Through our foundation in Mind Zoning®, we provide relaxing audio recordings to help people shift their mental patterns, behaviors, and attitudes around food and exercise so they can leave behind old habits and free themselves from dieting for good.  We help you go from “I can’t,” to “I absolutely can!”  And we make it easier than you could ever imagine by providing the tools and techniques in The Core Program.

Fitlandia’s Core Values

Fitlandia knew early on it wanted to be radically different than any other fitness company. Not only do we believe Mind Zoning® is a key differentiator, but also our Core Values that guide Fitlandia as the global leader in fitness.

  • Mission to end dieting by providing access to Mind Zoning® so that you can change from the mind out.
  • We see fitness as an individual journey and allow you to be in full control of the choices you make or choose not to.
  • Body positive for all bodies.
  • We support permanent, healthy lifestyle changes v. quick-fix, rapid weight loss.
  • We respect there are different fitness modalities, practices, perspectives, and philosophies and strive to provide you with a variety of options that fit who you are.
  • We promote an environment for you to be vulnerable and explore your mental and emotional needs related to fitness.
  • We believe in providing you with a safe, tight-knit community connection to facilitate individual growth.


Christa KingThe Journey That Built Fitlandia

Hi! My name is Christa and I’m a big fan of helping folks overcome mental obstacles to make big changes in their lives. Think of me as your virtual cheerleader.

Through my own fitness journey, I saw how broken the diet and fitness industries were and set out on a mission to help people engage the power of thought to start living a life of vitality.

From a very young age, I would always tell my parents, “There’s a solution to every problem.” While I had a traumatic childhood, I was determined to find ways to bring peace, joy, and abundance into my life despite any obstacles thrown at me.

But unfortunately, like many of us, I didn’t learn the best coping skills and relied on sugar, alcohol and refined carbs to self-soothe. It was the only way my brain knew how to make me feel “safe.” The reward center in the brain is quite the powerful influence. And from that, my unhealthy patterns were created.

192 weightI had struggled with my weight since childhood. Even though I was incredibly athletic, losing and maintaining a healthy weight was almost impossible. As my life got more chaotic and intense from climbing the corporate ladder and living a go-go-go lifestyle, my body, mind, and soul were left completely out of balance. My work had me traveling 3-4 weeks out of the month and poor food choices on the road with heavy alcohol use put me into a tailspin.

After reaching my highest weight of 192, I hit a wall and was determined to crack my own code for making a permanent lifestyle change.

Leaving my corporate career behind, I became a certified hypnotherapist, health coach, and nutritional therapist. By putting these pieces together I saw what was truly missing in the diet and fitness industry: a holistic approach, starting with the mind.

My weight loss journey and continued health journey is what built this innovative platform that I’m so proud to share with you.


Fun Facts About MeBandit reba and sully

I have 3 fur babies and a husband. Bandit and Reba are Great Pyrenees, Sully a Tuxedo cat, and AJ is my partner in crime, tech support, and aspiring adventure photographer.

We live in Portland, OR but are obsessed with Telluride, CO.

I love to play poker. Texas Hold Em’ please.

My favorite healthy food is curried anything.

My non-guilty pleasure (no-guilt zone!) is wine…or donuts. I have to be really careful with donuts, though.

I love to podcast and am blessed to host amazing guests on the Fitlandia Podcast.

I have a super sensitive sense of smell. Say that 5 times.

I not-so-secretly would love to have my own TV show. Come on, Oprah! Let’s make some magic together.

I have a spiritual side to me that’s growing stronger every day.

I’m not perfect. I’m always learning about my body, what triggers old patterns and how to get back up quickly.

I’m an open book.

I had two weddings within 10 days. This refers back to the Telluride obsession.

Favorite music you ask? Hair metal. Yes, power ballads are my fave and if you put a mic in front of me, I will jump off the karaoke stage.

I really want to see you succeed.

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To your health, vitality, and positive thoughts!