11 Ways Corporate Wellness Programs Go Wrong (And How to Fix Them)

corporate wellness May 20, 2019

Learn how good intentions still don't get results.

Many of you know I’ve been in hospitality revenue management now for over 27 years – even while building Fitlandia. I have a deep love of finding ways to generate profitability and win-win strategies so it’s no surprise as Fitlandia grows more and more into Corporate Wellness that we care about a company’s ROI for their investment.

The problem is, even with the best intentions, many corporate wellness initiatives go wrong.

Here I’ve outlined a list of pitfalls companies are faced with when selecting wellness programming. Join our newsletter below as I’ll be unfolding solutions to help companies avoid these each of these pitfalls in future blog posts.

  1. Programs aren’t personalized
  2. Leadership does not get involved in the program themselves
  3. There are not enough on-site resources to curate and manage initiatives
  4. Selecting short-term programming v long-term support
  5. Lack of inclusion and equity considerations to maximize participation
  6. Programs focus on only one component of wellness (i.e.: walking challenge, without nutritional programming)
  7. Not asking employees themselves what they’d like to see
  8. There isn’t a fully executed culture of wellness throughout the organization
  9. Using programs that focus on weight loss v health gains
  10. Not addressing stress in the workplace
  11. Programs that don’t have a method for growing engagement

We will address solutions for each of these obstacles in future posts, but for now, let’s tackle number one.

Programs aren’t personalized

So, let’s say you’re a part of a company of 100, 200, 500, or 1000 + employees. How do you find programming that ensures it meets people where they are on their unique journey?

For example, there may be new moms just trying to catch up on rest and can’t imagine doing a full 1-hr workout.

Or maybe there’s a team that is spending 12-hrs a day at their desk, eating fast food while working and has no idea how to start eating healthy again. 

Or the folks that are ready to take the plunge into healthier habits, but struggle to set boundaries around work.

Or the person that does have a fitness routine, but really struggles with an addiction to sugar.

The full spectrum of where people are on their wellness journey is quite expansive, but yet there are few programs and solutions to meet them where they are as individuals.

The Easy Solution

There’s a surprisingly simple solution: work with vendors who work with each other and who share the same philosophy of offering individualized options. Any provider you choose to work with should have this network already built out to guide you so that the process is easy.

For example, one of the companies in my network of providers that offer individualized, movement solutions, is a San Francisco-based app called, Gixo. Last week while on a trip to SF, I was lucky enough to snag a meeting with Kyle Pfister, Head of Revenue to discuss ways we can together meet the individual wellness needs of employees with a holistic approach. If you don’t yet know about Gixo, I highly recommend checking them out. Their tagline sums them up perfectly, “Fun, live workouts for every fitness level.”

And it’s really true. There’s a workout to fit every fitness level, with a variety of movement options so people can step into the app and find something that will no doubt make them feel successful.

As a user myself, the barrier to getting my daily movement in is removed with workouts as short as 15-40 minutes. And when I found myself recently injured, unable to do my favorite kettlebell workout at the gym, I was able to take their 5-minute stretching class via the app so I could still move my body safely. Even as my own movement needs changed, I had the flexibility within the app to adjust and keep moving forward on my own fitness journey. 

Much Fitlandia's 30 Days to Thriving program, which is designed to help people find the dietary strategy that works for their body, Gixo is also creating space for people to find the movement that works for them.

Flexibility to Personalize

When selecting your Corporate Wellness solutions, ensure they include elements of personalization and flexibility. This will allow as many of your employees as possible to take part and find success no matter where they are on their journey.

In part two of this series, we’ll tackle how to get leadership to get involved with the wellness initiatives they sign off on. 

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