# 2 Reason Why Corporate Wellness Programs Go Wrong

Leadership does not get involved in the program themselves.

Welcome to Part #2 of this 11-part series to help corporate wellness administrators incorporate initiatives into their workplace that are effective and generate lasting change for a strong wellness ROI. If you missed #1, check it out here>>> 

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  1. Leadership doesn’t get involved in the program themselves

We’ve all been there, working with leaders that encourage work/life balance while they’re emailing us on the weekend. It’s hard to follow the leader when the leader isn’t laying the foundation for the behavior they’d like us to model.

Makes sense, right? It’s no different when it comes to wellness programs. It’s tough for an employee to engage in a wellness program if their leadership doesn’t model the importance by engaging it in themselves.

In fact, leadership being the role models for healthy behaviors can increase the efficacy of both employee health improvements and health care cost improvements by up to 16 percentage points. 

A Case Study in Success

I recently worked with Interstate Special Events, a local company here in Portland, OR who brought in Fitlandia to lead their team through our signature 30 Days to Thriving Program.

We had 18 of their 50 employees attend our informational, kickoff meeting and 16 of those folks signed up to do the program.

The company’s CEO, Sam Dennis had recently gone through his own transformation so their team had seen for themselves the incredible benefits of his changes. Sam also had a compelling personal story he shared during the kickoff meeting that was very moving and inspirational.

Sam was also excited to jump in and do the program right alongside of his team.

We all started together and met weekly, Sam and the other C-Suite team, Connie & Colleen, always in attendance.

From an engagement and completion perspective, I noted the highest in my experience running this program with an organization:

94% compliance and completion – amazing results

An Obstacle to Overcome

But what if leadership understands fundamentally the benefit of wellness programs, but hasn’t adopted healthy habits themselves? Or isn’t willing to try?

Full disclosure, this can bring a fair amount of resistance to executing programming with an internal acknowledgment of shame. Leaders observe their own perceived hypocrisy of knowing what’s good for them but struggling with change themselves.

This is exactly the problem Fitlandia is solving for: helping people understand fundamentally why they do what they do, why change is so hard, and most importantly, how to make a mental shift to be able to joyfully change behavior for life.

Here’s how we overcome this obstacle together:

  1. Build trust with the leadership team and inquire about their own desire to change
  2. Create an inclusive, safe environment for all employees (C-suite, VPs, Directors, Managers, entry-level) to engage in programming together – set a tone for a level playing field without hierarchy
  3. Create a team challenge where we all start the program together from preparation to weekly group coaching to follow-up
  4. Share our progress with each other in our Community forum (either via private Slack channel or Facebook group)
  5. Provide private support for the leadership team on how to excel themselves throughout the process

Together we can be more successful in executing corporate wellness programs, ensuring the desired benefits (employee retention, lower healthcare costs, increased productivity, elevated moods, etc.) are achieved.

Next time we’re going to tackle one of the most common places corporate wellness programs go wrong:

There aren’t enough on-site resources to curate and manage initiatives. 

But never fear, we have solutions for you to too.

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