Episode 109 - Breaking The Addiction To Dieting


This is Fitlandia's 109th episode. We are talking with Chloe Murdoch about Breaking the Addiction to Dieting. Chloe is here putting a spin on how to live a successful and healthy lifestyle.



I love diving into what, you know, what foods will optimize our health and wellbeing. But the same time I learned through my own journey and through with my clients that it's more than Broccoli sprouts. And being healthy really involves being healthy on so many different dimensions, healthy inner relationships, healthy in your career, in your purpose in life.


I was really obsessed with my body and with food and with finding the next new diet and I was living, or I should say I wasn't living in the present and I wasn't living in my body at all. Eventually I got to this point where it's like something has to change.


I did all that stuff to get rid of this hoarded dieting mentality and this constant looking outward for the truth that was going to heal me. I cut all of that off. I cut off all social media, I cut off all dieting books, all of that, and I literally just, I brought it back to basics. 


But when you're coming from a place of chronic dieting and being so out of tune with your body, we need to cut out all the noise out there and we need to listen to our body and what works.


And it's an experiment. There's going to be good days, there's going to be bad days. But I think in the end of the day, if you want to release dieting, if you want to find true health and find your flow, you're gonna have to start this listening to you.

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