Episode 110 - The Autoimmune Breakthrough with Dr. Kirstin Lauritzen


This is Fitlandia's 110th episode. We are talking with Dr. Kirstin Lauritzen about Autoimmune breakthroughs. Dr. Kirstin is here putting a spin on how to make break throughs living with autoimmunity while engaging in your day to day  lifestyle.



How do you know if you have autoimmune, what do you do
about it?  What is it even, I have a soft place in my heart for this because I have Hashimoto and you know, I didn't know what that was.  I didn't know what was wrong with me. And I struggled with, you know, weird illnesses for so many years. 


Okay. So I am classically trained as a chiropractor, but that wasn't quite
enough for me. So I went and I got my masters in human nutrition and
functional medicine because I love nutrition and healing the body with food.


I'm all about a balance between Western medicine and traditional medicine, but also working with natural paths and really creating a team. I think they all have a place.


Yes. Well and so we can maybe dive into this here, but so autoimmune
disease has several different stages for it. It has a silent phase, it has a
reactive phase and then you actually have the autoimmune phase where you,
you definitely have the antigens and you have the symptoms. It's those silent
and reactive phases which are where the body is starting to produce those
antigens and they do show up on a lab test that you are, you are positive for
the antigens, but you may have some symptoms.


And that's, another awesome point that you make for
anyone that feels, you know, we're all in different stages of our health journey
or wellness journey. And if it feels overwhelming to cut out, you know, these
10 things for 30 days. Awesome. Pick the one thing that, that you do want to
take out for 30 days that you are willing to check into.


Your lifestyle is, is 80% of why you get a gene to either regulate or to turn on
or turn off. So you can change a lot based on just how you live.


But just as I said before, what we keep learning is that
it is your lifestyle and it is your diet and it is what you eat and how you live,
which is why we're seeing a lot of these chronic diseases now coming out of
the woodworks.

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