Episode 100 - Breaking Negative Self-Talk and Excuse Making

Oh my goodness! It’s the 100th episode of the Fitlandia Podcast and we have none other than Steph Gaudreau with us to help you break negative self-talk and excuse making. I just know 2019 will be your healthiest yet with the tips Steph and I have for you.

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I’ve always been a very wear my heart on my sleeve kind of person. I’m very empathic. I can’t hide my emotions or my feelings for anyone. And the more I do this work, the more I think that that’s what I’m called to do. Like, I always want to make sure there’s something teachable and I don’t want to just dump my problems on people, but at the same time I feel like we have to get better  not only a fitness community, but a wellness community and as a human community with talking about the things that we have stuffed away for so long.


I feel like everybody sort of has their story of where they came from and what their transformation was. And for me, I battled negative body image and negative self talk. It still happens. It’s changed quite a bit and it’s much more fewer and far between than it used to be.


Humans being human is about belonging and so we want to fit in, we want to belong. But I always just find that very interesting that the thing that I grew up my whole life hating as the thing that people remember about me.


For me, endurance sports ended up becoming a way to literally kind of run away from my problems and numb myself to the pain of what I was going through.


Being able to focus not exclusively on the size of my body, but what my body could do physically in the gym, feeling better, getting more sleep. I mean, these sound like such basic things, but you know, as somebody who basically relied on sugar to get through the day and caffeine all hours of the day. That made a huge difference in how I felt.


I think we believe that in order to make progress, lose the weight, get fitter, get the new job, whatever it is, we have to beat ourselves up to make it happen. And this concept of kindness to self and self compassion is very foreign to people.


I love this idea of being present and learning to love the process. Because if you can love the process than the outcome becomes much less important because all you really care about is that, that beautiful boost of energy and strength and confidence that you get anytime you’re fueling your body properly or exercising and moving and connecting with community and catching your negative thoughts and reframing them them when you can for sure.


If you’re not clear as to what your values are, what’s very important to you, it’s much easier to let those other things that don’t necessarily matter come up and get in your way.

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