Episode 102 - Beating Addiction Forever

In this exciting episode the best Addiction Specialists, Dr. Adi Jaffe and I are digging our heals into ending the shame and embarrassment related to reliance on sugar, refined carbs and alcohol.

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Now onto the show!



I went and got my masters at Cal State in Long Beach and then my Phd at UCLA and psychology and neuroscience and psychology and not in statistics and you know, continued to the point where I am now where I started a company called ignited that has sensory self help and addiction specific courses and workshops.


It’s going to be more work for others, for some than others, might be more complex, might be more healing work from some of our traumas that we experienced, you know, certainly the move that you made, a new culture, new school system, all those things, right? Those are, those are going to have a big impact on the brain.


The tool that you found was now causing you problems, but you can’t remove the tool because it’s still helping deal with that core initial issue that you had.


So, I created an online program. I call it Ignited Hero and Ignited because that’s the name of the company, but also our goal is to ignite people’s passion and get people motivated and driven to a new kind of life just like what happened in my own life.


I love that and I want to get into kind of the nuances of the program a little bit more, but I want to get in the head of my listener right now. That is, that’s actually asking themselves, okay, we’ve got the thought patterns, right? We’ve got those beliefs that have been ingrained in us and I talked a lot about that.

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