Episode 103 - The Power of Retreats to Transform

In this exciting episode, we are talking with David Skolnik PT, DPT, CSCS.  The Power of Retreats to Transform is not measurable after you sit down and listen to this powerful podcasts on retreat transformation.

Now onto the show!




about six months ago left Portland and moved down to Sonoma County, California for a job opportunity to kind of step up what I’m doing in the rehab world going from part-time as a physical therapist to the director of Rehab at a clinic that focuses on kind of acute care, geriatrics.


How, you know, problems aren’t usually formed in isolation or solved in isolation. So, it takes people with different perspectives coming together to, to, to either solve problems or even to figure out what the problem is.


And over the course of the last six years, I can’t believe it’s been six years almost since I went on that retreat. I’ve really started to not only embody the power of, you know, what that five days away did for my entire life.


You know, I talk all the time about the four cornerstones of fitness, these principles, if you will, of what it takes to truly make a lifestyle change, to get off that Yoyo dieting cycle, to actually change the neuropathways in your brain.


Well, there’s a quote I love and it’s really simple. Happiness is reality minus expectations. So how can you enjoy where you are and what you’re doing? And I think part of that is, you know, no one’s ever going to be able to stop thinking about the future and thinking about the past.

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