Episode 105 - Stories of Transformation: Sean Harvey

In this exciting episode, we are talking with Sean Harvey.  Sean Harvey is here to continue sharing his story of transformation and what it looks like for him.

Now onto the show!



It’s changed my life this last, this last 13 months has changed my life for myself as a father, as a husband, as a friend. It’s certainly changed my waistline’s sides and the type of jeans that I can wear.


It sounds like it was your mindset that’s really allowing you to fully become yourself, but also it’s that mindset that’s helping you change your health habits.


Oh, that’s beautiful. Like, I talk about this a lot, this idea of leaning into the pain and really the human work that we have to do in order to make a lifestyle change. Like those emotions, those feelings, those wounds of the past, whatever it is, those beliefs and perceptions that we grew up with, all of those, like it’s in our mind.


I remember scarlet and grace and looking at each other going, oh, daddy can run now. That was a moment that I will not forget because it was massively important to me to be able to play with my kids…


I think it’s natural for you to feel frustrated when you reach a point of Plateau because, you sort of have to begin to find your value in your ability to lose weight and to transform.


I think it’s available for anyone and everyone, you know, to have to have their own tribe.


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Instagram: @start.persevere.hope

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