Episode 106 - The Power of a Forgiveness Journal

In this exciting episode, we are talking with Alison Ashley.We are talking about the importance of self care and forgiveness is with our health and wellness.

Now on to the show!



Like we’re always, we always talk about all we have to forgive others. I’m really excited to talk about self forgiveness and I’m super intrigued about what that means from a perspective of creating a forgiveness journal.


The frigging forgiveness is huge and it’s such a stress reliever and just like sometimes it’s, you know, you’re thinking that you’re forgiving and you have to go deeper, deeper, deeper. There’s deeper levels. There’s not just one level of forgiveness.


Then finally they come to it themselves. And that’s the best is, is that you’re not giving the advice. You’re letting them get it themselves. So, that’s the best.


You know, the forgiveness part, it gives you more power, just individual power and it just gives you that extra energy where you could use it in a forceful way instead of in a negative way. Forgiveness is just so deep rooted that it leads into a lot of different things.


The weight thing is the hardest thing to lose because everybody’s doing the diet, everybody’s doing it the right way and they’re just like, I can’t lose this weight. What is going on?


… it’s complicated part of the whole thing that’s happening. Mind, body emotions on how it all works. Emotions are a big part that we haven’t quite figured it out. Yeah. So, like that. How do you guide people through self forgiveness?


It’s really about free writing, free letting things go. What are some questions you could ask themselves that would like if they’re feeling stuck around how to do it, what are some questions that might help them get that writing process going?


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