Episode 107 - Managing Anxiety with a Positive Mindset

In this exciting episode, we are talking with Anxiety Life Coach Ryan Light. Ryan is back and he is putting a spin on how to live a successful lifestyle while managing anxiety with a positive mindset.

Now onto the show!



I try to drink it out of me. I tried to fight it out in me. I tried to run from make, ignore it. I tried to do all the thing is I I could do to get rid of it. Um, and then the last 10 years I’ve changed my perspective of it and I got to the root of the matter.


It became, I became the anxiety. It was interesting for me and most people do this a lot. As I became the one thing I hated, right. I the anxiety, but my whole identity was caught up in the anxiety.


And what I found, um, in that journey was everybody wanted to show me how to treat the anxiety for me. It was only maintaining it, right? That was only, I was only treating the symptoms. I was only treating the manifestations.


That’s when things really start to get real. And you know, to be honest with you, I didn’t want to forgive the people in my life, right? I didn’t want to eat.


You just deal with it and look at it differently. And as you do that, you know, start to heal, right?


Yes. And that’s what she did for me. She allowed me and gave me tools and techniques that I needed not only to be sit within the moment, right. Cause I was still having panic attacks and I was still having those manifestations even more because I started digging up this stuff. Right?


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