Episode 47 - My First Fast

Have you heard about the numerous health benefits of fasting and might be considering giving it a try? Well then, you’re in for a treat today as Christa shares with us her very own reasoning and experiences during her first extended fast!

Disclaimer: DO NOT ATTEMPT A FAST WITHOUT THE SUPERVISION OF YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER. Important: this should not be used as a tool for quick weight loss but instead to become quickly keto-adapted or for ultimate vitality.

While already practicing intermittent fasting, a daily eating pattern that cycles between a fasting and eating window, Christa typically eats her last meal around 6 or 7pm and fasts until the following day between 11AM - 12PM. After reaping the benefits from this, she decided to try an extended fast of 72 hours.

What are the Benefits of Intermittent Fasting?

  • Increased energy and fat burning ability – this is especially true while practicing a ketogenic diet, allowing you to get you into ketosis quicker and convert fat as an energy source instead of from stored sugar.
  • Insulin sensitivity increases for people who are suffering with insulin resistance.
  • Boosts the human growth hormone – facilitates in muscle growth.
  • Cellular repair – helps to boost immune function extending longevity.

Along with these benefits, Christa experiences a heightened awareness of eating habits and dependencies, a boost in energy and extremely important for her, a deeper, more rested night’s sleep.

Breakdown of Christa’s Extended 72 Hour Fast

Day 1 – While continuing her intermittent fasting pattern, Christa says she didn’t notice missing lunch her first day but did feel a true hunger around dinner time. With the help of Mind Zoning®, (a process of listening to a guided meditation or repeating a positive mantra to oneself), she was able to break through periods of increased hunger.

She explains sleeping deeper than usual, a common benefit, giving your body a much-needed break from being in a constant digestive state.

Day 2 – Getting a break from having to prep meals? “What a nice surprise,” Christa exclaims. Although this may be true, it’s important to maintain hydration and boost electrolytes throughout fasting so packing teas and filtered water for a busy day is crucial.

Recipe for Christa’s electrolyte blend:

  • 1 litter filtered water
  • 1/2 teaspoon “real salt
  • 5–10 Stevia drops
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 tablespoons raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar
  • 1 drop of citrus bliss essential oil
  • Dash cayenne pepper

Day 3 –  Christa explains feeling like she was on “autopilot.”

After successfully completing 69 hours, Christa and her husband listened to their body’s innate wisdom and broke their fast early. This extended fast helped Christa further her intuition of her body’s needs aside from her normal eating habits.

She explains it as, “An amazing ability to trust my body and to learn what it needs while allowing myself permission to listen and end the fast early.”

With hunger decreasing after time during a fast, the thought patterns and actions you have surrounded by food are heightened. With increased awareness and harnessing the power of your mind, you now can create new patterns without linking food with daily stresses or boredom, reach your fitness goals and end the cycle of yo-yo dieting.

If you’re ready to start working towards your goals, no matter what your beginning stage looks like, Christa offers three different stages of programs online to best suite your needs. It’s important not to go from one extreme to another and to be in the right head space to take on any intermittent or extended fast and we’re here to help!

Which Program is Best for You?

  • The No Diet Detox consists of exactly what we like, no specific diet that suddenly tells you to eliminate everything you normally eat for 30 days. You simply take pictures of everything you consume to increase awareness.
  • 30 days to Thriving – Ready to end the reliance of sugar, refined carbs or alcohol? With a community of others battling the same fight, you can now work to find the perfect balance for your specific body and end food dependencies.
  • Ketogenic Kick-Off: Adapt to Burn Fat – A guided program which focuses on using fuel from fat instead sugars by eating a high fat, low carb diet.

If you’re interested in The Keto Kick-Off make sure to take advantage of this exclusive offer as we partner with Dr. Jerome Craig for our 3rd keto program launching September 6th! While vacations are over and maybe the cravings have crept back in, this is the perfect time to get back on track.

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