Episode 72 - Exercise Series: Bootcamp with Emily Corso

Think bootcamp is scary? That it’s going to tear you up and spit you out? Think again! Today we’re talking to Emily Corso of Bold and Badass Fitness on the benefits of bootcamp classes and a safe approach to keep them fun while still being a great challenge. 

Before we begin, I want you to mark your calendars if you live in the Portland, Oregon area so that you can come on out to Emily’s studio on February 25th from 11 AM to 12:30 PM, where I will be delivering a workshop on the Mindset Detox!

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I’m here now with Emily Corso of Bold & Badass. I am so excited because Emily is going to help give us a taste of the bootcamp life!

Bold & Badass is a body-positivity focused gym, which accepts everyone and encourages them to come as they are. They offer bootcamp trainings and also semi-private personal trainings. Inclusion is at the core of what they do.

This series is all about highlighting the beautiful variety of exercises we have available to us, so let’s dive into the beauties of bootcamps!

What Defines a Bootcamp?

Emily lets us know that bootcamp workouts are all about motivation. Having others working hard around you and doing the same things that you are doing is huge motivation to keep going strong and get in a fantastic workout. It’s a great workout option for those who love to socialize or feel supported by a community.

Bold & Badass offers a variety of different bootcamp options, but many of them focus on using free weights, dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, body weight exercises or other strength and conditioning training.

It’s all about knowing that someone else is there. You can always look over at a different station, a different team, or your own team and know that someone else is working hard as well. You’re never alone. It’s about pushing yourself to be the best you can be and do the best you can do.

“Bootcamps encourage people to challenge themselves in a “rising tide lifts all ships” kind of way. Not competition, but encouragement and the realization that something more is possible.”

Challenge vs. Too-Far

How do people know the difference between challenging themselves and over doing it?

Emily says that is a great question and one that is incredibly important. It is all about getting to know your body and your limitations. Some indications that you are not challenging yourself quite enough would be if you are consistently reaching for the same weights for months at a time without increasing or if you are not feeling sweaty by the end of your workout.

Some indications that you are pushing yourself too hard would be soreness for extended periods of time or lengthy recoveries. Granted, when you first get into working out, you are going to be sore for the first few weeks but if after that time, you are still having long recovery periods or feeling weak or sick often, you may need to cut back on intensity.

It is also incredibly important to remember that if you are just getting back into working out or doing so for the first time, GO EASY ON YOURSELF! Give yourself time to learn your body, your capabilities, your limits, and learn where you can challenge yourself in a healthy way.

Christa shares a story about her experience in a bootcamp a few weeks ago and how even though she moves everyday, she took extra care to listen to her body and make the modifications she needed in order to not cause harm and get the workout that was right for her. Different exercises challenge different parts of the body and they all deserve to be listened to.

Emily agrees that it is all about what is right for YOU. And that doesn’t always mean doing what is right for everyone else. She highlights that at Bold & Badass, they encourage and remind their members to use modifications as necessary. It is important to complete a workout that is right for you, not someone next to you, and being different is absolutely okay.

“You don’t need the workout of an Olympian. You need the workout that makes change for you…that’s what matters.”

Mindset and Movement

It is important to have this beautiful appreciation for what your body is today while still having goals for the future. It is all about honoring where you are and whom you are today, even if you are still working toward where you want to be.  It is a gift that you showed up and were present and provided yourself with amazing movement and a healthy mindset.

Here’s the magic: it’s all about feeling like you went in and got a great workout…not about the numbers or the weight. You did it and that is the success. YOU get to say where your limit is. No one else can determine that for you. Take the time to check in with yourself and decide if this is a limit that is real or a limit that you are putting on yourself for another reason. Mindfulness makes all the difference.

Remember, it is okay to push yourself through fatigue, but never to push yourself through pain. The injury risk increases immensely and being injured will be 10 steps in the wrong direction for your health and wellness.

Emily’s Top Tips for Bootcamp Goers:

  • Don’t fear the title (you can always modify)
  • Create a habit of consistency over the long term-that’s what counts
  • Have an accountability plan for yourself
  • Why not start NOW?!

If you are struggling with accountability or motivation we have some amazing options for you. Head on over and get some great workouts, connection, and encouragement at Bold & Badass in Portland. Also, be sure to join our closed Fitlandia Group on Facebook for some encouragement, ideas, accountability, and much more community in your life. Accountability in person and online…let’s do this!

A huge thanks to Emily for joining us today and giving us a taste of the Boot Camp life. What an amazing option for daily movement! If you want to learn more about Emily or her gym, check out boldandbadass.com or visit in person in Portland’s Southeast side at 21st and Powell.

They run a monthly onramp program geared toward beginners with extra accountability and support as well as other amazing bootcamp programs throughout the year.

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