Episode 81 - The Mind Zoning Academy: End Self-Sabotage

We all know dieting doesn’t equate to making a permanent healthy lifestyle change, but self-sabotage gets in the way. In order to end the yo-yo dieting cycle, you first have to change your mindset. And today’s show is going to help you do just that. Welcome to The Mind Zoning Academy.

For those of you who are new to Mind Zoning, on myfitlandia.com I have these audio guided meditations to help you create new thought patterns so that living a healthy lifestyle is not only easy, but it sticks!

Some of the feedback from my 30 Days to Thriving group is that sometimes they just want me around to lead them through a Mind Zoning, so I’ve listened and I am just thrilled to launch the Mind Zoning Academy. If you live in the Portland, Oregon area, I’ll actually be at Cloudability on April 11th to do a workshop all about Ending Self-Sabotage from 6:00 - 7:15 PM. Here is a link to sign up! And all of you listening should go ahead and use the code FFF50 to celebrate the launch and save 50% off. I want to encourage you to think of 3 people in your life that you want to help end self-sabotage with and go ahead and share this with them.

If you aren’t in the Portland area to attend the in person event, I want to invite you to join our webinar Mind Zoning Academy on April 12th! You can sign up for the webinar here. You will not only get an audio file of what we talk about in the live session, but you will also come away with a professionally mixed version of the guided meditation that I deliver! Even if you can’t attend the webinar go ahead and sign up because you will still get the mixed version of the meditation and a recording of the conversation. Go ahead and register to help you keep moving toward your goals!

If you register and attend either event, you will also get a FREE Q&A session with me! Not only will you get to hear a powerful Mind Zoning meditation, but you will also have the opportunity to share your experience with me and ask about any questions about how I can help you break through your fitness and wellness obstacles. PLUS, anyone who registers will also get a code for 50% off of the next 30 Days to Thriving Program as well!!

Now, let’s talk about breaking self-sabotage. I’ve been talking about and delivering this meditation for the past 6 to 8 weeks because I am truly passionate about it. Sometimes we make excuses, we procrastinate, we put off what we know we are supposed to do! Everyone listening knows the basics…eat more vegetables, cut down on processed foods, cut down on sugar, carbs, alcohol, you KNOW all that. But why don’t you do it?!

This is basically the foundation of Fitlandia. I help you create new foundations and new behaviors and thought patterns by tapping into your subconscious mind. Self-sabotage can mean a whole gamut of things. For example, if your brain is telling you you don’t have enough time to work out because you’ve overcommitted, that is something you can CHANGE, but your brain finds signals to tell you otherwise and won’t let you make the change.

Another example on the other end of the spectrum is this deep lack of self-worth. I’ve seen this time and time again working with clients and also with members in our secret Facebook group and in the 30 Days to Thriving. When you explore your relationship with food and alcohol, sometimes these deep ideas of self-worth come up. Sometimes we sabotage our fitness efforts because we have a deep and unconscious belief that we are not worthy of success or good health or vitality. This technique will help you uncover the root of self-sabotage and it actually helped me identify with basically something that I was doing to myself, a punishment, where I didn’t see I was deserving of living a healthy life and feeling the joy that comes with having a fit body and mind.

I have now talked about this on a few different podcasts and even have written a few blogs about it and love delivering it because this technique is something so easy but so powerful and helps people learn more about themselves. So anyway, I’ll probably bring it up again and again but here is the major premise:

I was working with a naturopath many years ago and I was following a protocol that she had given me to change my nutrition and I was losing weight consistently and then out of nowhere my weight loss totally stopped at 172 pounds. For no rhyme or reason, it just stopped. I was following everything perfectly! I was doing a follow up with her, shoutout to Dr. Premazzi here in Oregon, and she said that sometime happened to you around that weight that could be a stuck trauma that is preventing you from moving forward.

That was the first time in my life when I learned or even thought about the fact that an event or a trauma or a thought could have an impact over my physical body. That just blew my mind. She said she had an exercise for me. She grabbed me a pen and paper and had me close my eyes with the pen in my non-dominant hand. She said with the intention of understanding what is blocking me from moving forward, I should write down any words that come to mind. So i did it! I started to write down whatever words came to mind and there were a few bizarre words at first but then all of a sudden, I started writing out the word “punishment.” It hit me like a ton of bricks. Seriously.

I was recalling that I was punishing myself, holding on to my weight as a punishment, for something that I had deeply regretted. It was incredible that I had come into this awareness. And this is something that all of you can do! What happens when we write with our non-dominant hand is that we are actually tapping into our subconscious mind. We are able to recall those thoughts, memories, and patterns that are actually driving 90% of our behavior. You can use this technique anytime in ANY area of your life. Share this with anyone in your life who may need some clarity and some discovery into how they are sabotaging.

So that’s my little tip for you today…but here is the really cool part! In the first Mind Zoning Academy that launches this week, I am going to lead you through a meditation to not only help you identify the root cause of your self-sabotage but then, I’ll also help you uncover your hidden superpower that will help you break through and move past it!

So sign up for the Mind Zoning Academy today, take advantage of all those awesome bonuses available to you, learn more about what your root cause of self-sabotage is AND your superpower that can help you move forward! I can’t wait to see you all this week! Bye!

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