Episode 82 - The Mind Zoning Academy: Resolve Inner Conflict

Have you ever experienced wanting to change one part of you, yet another part of you resists? Today we’re teaching you how to harness the power of your mind to resolve inner conflict through our Mind Zoning Academy. Feel the power of positivity and listen in now!

In fact, in the Mind Zoning Academy, yes, I have a passion for fitness and creating a healthy lifestyle, BUT, these techniques can apply to any area of your life! It’s really great information and after you listen to the show, I want to make sure that you share this episode with your friends and family and anyone who is struggling with change and motivation! THIS is the episode for you and for them.

PLUS, I’ll be delivering the full live meditation during the webinar and in Portland live in May.

So, let’s get right to it and talk about resolving inner conflict! If any of you listening are feeling stuck in your fitness routine or you are having a hard time making healthy food decisions, you may know if you are a regular listener that I have a program called 30 Days to Thriving. We help you end the craving cycle and reliance on sugar, refined carbs, and alcohol, but we also work very much with your mindset. We teach you to dig deep into your thought patterns and your habits and teach practical and effective techniques to create all new thought patterns so that you can sustain a healthy lifestyle!

I LOVE breaking through obstacles. It truly gives me so much joy and with the 30 Days to Thrivingprogram, you get to work with me on a call every single week as well as in the secret Facebook group so that I can help YOU break through your obstacles. I truly believe there is a solution to every problem and I’ve been blessed with this natural sense or desire to be a problem solver and the amazing thing is, EVERYONE has the capacity to do that, to uncover your obstacles and to break through them. The power is already in your mind.

Today we are going to break down some of the concepts involved with resolving inner conflict. So first of all, what does inner conflict look like? For any of you listening that say there is a part of you who wants to do something, but not all. Bingo. There is some inner conflict. Part of you wants to make the change but there is another part of you that is really holding on. There are root causes of all of this…but when we notice this difference, we can usually dig in and uncover the resistance.

What’s come up again and again when I’ve worked with clients with Mind Zoning, is that the part of you that is resisting change is only doing that as a way to serve and protect the identity of YOU. When we go through a major lifestyle change, we are going to be challenged! Not only do our habits and health chance, but the people around us tend to change as well and sometimes that can be scary. Subconsciously, we already know that is possible, so part of you is just trying to protect you.

There is a really cool hypnotherapy technique called “Parts Therapy.” This allows you to separate those two conflicting parts and gets you to put one side away from the other to understand them both without getting confused. And it’s easy to get confused! It happens to us constantly. This inner battle continues and doesn’t go away until you understand it. This technique is great for doing two things: 1) Gives each side of your conflict a voice and provides some validation to each. We help separate the battle and truly explore piece. 2) It helps you come together in a common goal. Where can your conflicts agree and both feel comfortable?

I don’t want to give too much away here because I want you to attend the Mind Zoning Academy, where I will actually be leading you through all of this. Plus, if you register, you will get a downloadable, professionally mixed version of the Mind Zoning for free, as well as 50% off the next 30 Days to Thriving program! Not only that, but you will also have access to a LIVE coaching group call with me where I will answer your questions and offer any advice that I can give to help you on your journey. The Mind Zoning Academy and the 30 Days to Thriving program are truly incredible and help you take these techniques to the next level and make lasting change. The webinar costs only $17 and the in person delivery is $17. It is a step into your support and your lasting change and to overcome your obstacles.

Back on the note of inner conflict, I want you to know this: this is normal, this is natural, this battle in your brain is actually a normal part of making healthy changes in your life. Part of you knows why you want to do it! We just need to confront that other part that is trying to keep you where you are at for your safety.

Here’s a little way you can start at home: get yourself into a relaxed state by taking a few deep breaths so you can better listen to what is going on inside. Picture your goal or desire in one of your hands. For example, if you want to exercise more, imagine that goal is resting in your left hand. And now imagine that the other part, the part that is resisting and saying, “No, I don’t want to get up early to go work out,” is on its own in your right hand. You are holding them separately. Then what you will do is visit what is going on in your right hand…let it speak its excuse and fear and control. After you give that side the opportunity to fully express itself, you can imagine going over to your left hand and let it respond to what it just heard from the right hand. This is not only very validating, but also helps to get these two parts in a better alignment. Once that side has fully expressed itself, you will come back to the right side. And you keep moving back and forth until both sides start to come up with this beautiful compromise and this agreement about what the next steps are.

It is one of my favorite techniques to us…one that I’ve used with every single private client no matter what the conflict. Parts Therapy helps break through the noise and gain clarity. Not only do you discover where the resistance is coming from, but you also learn more about why you want to make the change and the benefits of doing so. If you are having trouble imagining or completing the exercise, don’t worry! Sign up for the webinar or in person Mind Zoning Academy for May and I’ll be sure to walk you through it bit by bit. We will help you end the argument and find new goals!

I’d love to hear from my listeners! Head over to iTunes and leave a comment if you tried this technique and how it worked for you! What was your conflict? What were your opposing sides? And what goal/compromise did the two sides come up with? Head on over and leave us a rating and a review along with your comment!

Thank you all for tuning in for this quick episode and I can’t wait to see you all in the Mind Zoning Academy!

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