Episode 93 - Summer Series #2

Welcome to the Fitlandia Summer Series. Christa is prioritizing her self-care and taking a bit of a twist on the show by gathering the greatest insights and wisdom from her week in Fitlandia, delivering it to you as you continue your health, wellness and weight loss journey. 

Looking for some inspiration to keep on truckin’ with your quest to get healthy and make it stick? In this week’s episode, Christa continues her Summer Series with a week in review in Fitlandia. She’s announcing the next Mind Zoning®®® Academy topic, a special offer for the July 30 Days to Thriving program, and an update on her journey to get fitter by 46 than she was at 26. Everything you need to create a mindset toward fitness is in this episode!  Highlight’s from today’s show are below:


Christa King:                          00:00                       If you’re new to the Mind Zoning® Academy I have a monthly membership where I do an online webinar / workshop where you’re live with me and we pick a mental obstacle and I teach you the reason behind that obstacle, the source of it, if you will, as well as I lead you through a guided meditation to help you break through that obstacle.

Christa King:                          01:13                       So July’s Mind Zoning® Academy is on setting healthy boundaries to put you first and if you’re anything like me, you know, you give to others before you give to yourself.

Christa King:                          02:09                       While I focus on fitness and nutrition, these mental tools can apply to any area of life. You also get a Q&A session with me in that webinar. Once we finish the meditation, then I help you break through any remaining obstacles. So that is on July 11th from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM Pacific Time. Great for all time zones. But even if you can’t make it, I want you to enroll in the Mind Zoning® Academy anyway because everyone gets a playback of the recorded webinar as well as a professionally mixed Mind Zoning® meditation. The one that I lead you through gets mixed with beautiful spa music so you can listen to it again and again and again, creating new neural pathways to make setting healthy boundaries stick.

Christa King:                          03:07                       Okay. So that’s the first update. The second update is the July 30 days to thriving is shaping up to be I, I would say the best session this year so far. And the reason why is because we already have 10 people signed up for the program that starts on July fifth. The best part about July is I’m also teaching you how to modify the protocol so that if you are going on vacation in the month of July, you’ll still want to join because I’m going to teach you how to enjoy your vacation without overindulging and without having a major, major setback.

Christa King:                          04:30                       We want more MEN in Fitlandia so we’re inviting you to join and bring your male buddies along. You can save 50% by using YES50 at checkout.

Christa King:                          05:36                       Now for the last update about the 30 Days to Thrivingprogram for July. I am formally introducing accountability buddies, so on the first night when we get into first group coaching call, you will get partnered up with a buddy that you’re going to do some easy accountability work between our sessions, so you’re going to get meal plans, recipes, weekly group coaching with me. You get seven Mind Zoning® meditations that are specifically designed to go with the 30 Days to Thriving program. You’re going to get daily inspiration and motivation from me and lifetime access to the Facebook group. Now here’s the other thing, once you go through one round of the program, any future program is only $75, so we have a great repeat program as well. All right, enough about who I got to take a deep breath and tell you all why AJ is joining us here today.

Christa King:                          06:54                       Hey there. So as you all know, I’m working on getting fitter by the time I turned 46 than I was at 26 years old when I ran my first marathon and I was at my healthiest weight, which yes, I weighed 135 pounds. I’m five six, but I ran my first marathon and weighed that much as a smoker so I certainly wasn’t my healthiest. So I am working on being my fittest by 46, which is August 13th. And I’m sharing every week that journey with you and recording it for the Fitlandia and via podcast as well. So without. Oh, I love this. Thank you for that. Shout out. Hi. So what we’re gonna do now is give you an update on better by 46,000. It was 26. So again, ha. Welcome to the Fitlandia podcast. Thank you. So one of the things that Ha and I sat out in the beginning of the year was to take our fitness to the next level, but one of the intentions that we wrote down, because as you all know when it comes to me, I’m all about goal setting, achievable goals, but we wanted to run three half marathons this year.

Christa King:                          08:14                       So today we’re talking about our half marathon number two. AJ, share with our listeners what was the half marathon that we did and why did we choose it?

Christa King:                          09:34                       Yes, so that’s what we did was an interval, which is great for recovery. It’s great for endurance and certainly injury prevention, but it’s also good if you’re training hasn’t been spot on. It’s pro tip for you. So we would run a mile, walk a half mile, run a mile, walk a half mile, and we had the intention to do that pace the entire half marathon. And we were pretty damn close. Right?

Christa King:                          10:26                       We got a little mentally derailed though, and I want to talk about that a little bit because I think that’s really important. It’s a great, um, example of what happened during our half marathon of what not to do in life, right. So I still have growth opportunities and my own fitness routine and it’s really, it’s also what inspired the July Mind Zoning® Academy, setting healthy boundaries. I broke a boundary on our run, but there’s a reason for it…

AJ Dexter:                               15:37                       Yeah. And I’ll say, you know, one thing that’s sticking out for me as Christa’s really quick about processing her emotions and I take a lot longer to like dig into the fully experience them all. And so I think that was part of the reason why it took me the rest of the day, well beyond the run to just step into the mall and let them kind of unwind from me.

Christa King:                          19:24                       You push yourself a little bit but not to this crazy place where you’re going into injury or you just hate it. It’s really about enjoying the process and I’m giving a shout out to Steph Gaudreau during our interview. She’s the mastermind behind Stupid Easy Paleo and I interviewed her last week and she’s like, it’s about enjoying the process. If you can’t find the joy in an elimination diet, don’t do it, but there’s a lot of abundance to be gained from it.

Christa King:                          20:21                       If you don’t get the joy and examining your thoughts and reframing them, then don’t do it. Allow yourself that space to get to a place, step by step so that you can start to imagine that things that seem hard are actually really a lot of fun.

AJ Dexter:                                23:40                       A pro tip is just keep on moving,

Christa King:                          23:43                       Reframing negative thoughts. I can’t stress this enough. I believe this. There’s science behind it. The thought leaders are talking about it. Whatever you think that is your reality. So if you think you can’t do it, if you think it’s too hard, if you think I’ll never, I don’t have enough time, I should all those negatives than that is your reality and you are cementing that in every action that you do.

Christa King:                          24:55                       So my invitation to you all’s for the next week is to catch yourself in the negative thought pattern and reframe it…

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