Episode 13 - New Year's Resolutions Part 4: Goal Setting With Carrie Billings

On the lucky 13th episode of the Fitlandia Podcast, Christa is joined by Carrie Billings of carriebillings.com for a discussion on goal setting. Carrie is one of the expert practitioners on Fitlandia’s site as a behavioral health counselor and a certified health and wellness coach.

Goal Setting

While some resent the idea of New Year’s Resolution quick fixes, there is simultaneously something beautiful about the collective intention to better ourselves. Goal setting is important because it’s having a plan. If a resolution is broad (eat healthy, lose weight) it is possible to get there, but planning it out in little steps is a necessity.

“Our goals can only be reached through the vehicle of a plan” - Pablo Picasso

When setting goals, it’s important to think about what you will do as opposed to what you won’t do. A goal like “I’m going to stop drinking soda” or “I’m not going to eat sugar” are very hard to...

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Episode 12 - Stories of Transformation: Larry Dukes

On the 12th episode of the Fitlandia Podcast Christa sits down with Larry Dukes to discuss his story of fitness transformation. On discussing his tipping point, Larry talks about how he reached a peak weight of 315 pounds but didn’t even realize how big he’d gotten. After a trip to Thailand last year the heat started to get to him, and he wasn’t able to do some of the same activities that other people were. In November of the same year, he was visiting friends in upstate New York when they got caught in traffic following a Giants game. As they tried to push their way into the train someone yelled: “better watch out for the fat guy!” He turned and said the only thing he could think of which was “you’d better be careful kid ‘cause the fat guy is hungry.”

That experience stuck with him, and eventually, he got home and it really began to sink in. He wasn’t able to wear a lot of the clothes, he had trouble fitting in airline...

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Why You Should Eat Fermented Foods

Why You Should Eat Fermented Foods

By Megan Thompson

Gut bacteria has been a trending topic. It wasn’t long ago when the only way you could get your hands on Kombucha was to brew your own. Today, it can be found on the shelves of nearly every major grocery store. Adding fermented foods is a wonderful way to help get over stomach disorders and boost your overall immune system.

Before you slam the door on the idea thinking these foods smell strong and are an acquired taste, you might want to get the scoop on just how beneficial they can be!

Fermented Foods 101

If you’re wondering what exactly fermented foods are, there’s a simple explanation:

Natural bacteria found in food feed on the starch and sugar content of food, which then creates a byproduct called lactic acid. This process is referred to as lacto-fermentation.

During this time, a lot of good-for-you substances are created in the food, including b-vitamins, probiotics (in various strains), and...

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Episode 11 - New Year's Resolutions Part 3: Get in a Good Mood for Resolutions

On this episode of the Fitlandia Podcast, we’re looking forward to 2017 with this third installation in our series on New Year’s Resolutions. Joined by Rebecca Van Damm of Food Mood Coaching, this episode focuses specifically on getting yourself into a good mood for resolutions.

Starting Small

New Year’s Resolutions tend to bring mixed emotions, we’re part excited for a fresh start, but also pessimistic because it’s a system that has not worked in the past. Rebecca’s number one tip is to keep it simple. People have a tendency to want to overhaul their entire lifestyle, but trying to do so much in such a short period of time just means it’s that much harder to achieve, and also that much easier to give up when you hit a bump. Instead, she advises people to look deep within themselves and find your own intrinsic value, the thing that will make you a little happier. When you knock that out, then you move on to the next thing. It’s about...

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Episode 10 - What does it mean to be a Fitlandian?

In this TENTH episode of the Fitlandia Podcast Christa is flying solo as she answers the question “what does it mean to be a Fitlandian?”

As we’ve talked about in every episode prior, Fitlandia is about putting an end to dieting. People have come to hate dieting (rightfully so) because it is a flawed system that’s set up for short-term results, not long-term success. We like to think of Fitlandians as “recovered dieters,” anyone who has tried to get healthy, but who the dieting industry has failed. Fitlandia wants to be your end to dieting. The solution. The start of a truly healthy life.

Why is it important to be a Fitlandian?

We are three times more likely to reach and maintain our goals when we are connected with a community. Being a Fitlandian is about a sense of place, and connection, and community. To build a safe space and having that network of fellow Fitlandians to support and inspire you in your journey.

“Sometimes we do more for...

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Believe That You Can Feel Good Mind Zoning®

Believe That You Can Feel Good

In this complimentary Mind Zoning® we take 18 minutes to walk you along a path toward positivity.

As with all Mind Zonings®, you don’t have to be “good” at meditation to reap the benefits. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and let your mind follow the voice.

First, we ask you to focus your eyes on a single spot in your surroundings. A piece of your desk or a spot on the ceiling. Then we begin to focus on your breathing and our thoughts. Isolating your thoughts, releasing all concerns, doubts, and worries, we then encourage you to close your eyes and allow us to guide you along the remainder of the journey.

Becoming aware of every point on your body, we take relaxation down to the cellular level. Allow yourself to relax and let everything go. In this state, the mind is more receptive to new information and new thoughts. Receiving messages of positivity, encouragement, and affirmation is the first step in your fitness...

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Common Dietary Plans

Common Dietary Plans

Below you will find a list of common and current dietary plans. It is important to note that fad or quick weight loss diets are a thing of the past. They have not worked and they never will as any gains (or losses for that matter) quickly disappear inevitably with the conclusion of the diet. Another important concept to note is that the word diet can mean a temporary diet, for example, “I am going on a weight loss diet this month.” The word diet also simply describes what a person or animal eats, for example, “a person living in Greece eats a diet of whole foods.” It is this latter concept in which all of these modern dietary plans have in common and that should be the focus of any dietary plan you hopefully will be able to follow long term.  They have their differences, some of which are dramatic and certainly no one diet is perfect for everyone but they are all based on eating whole foods which are naturally dense with nutrition...

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It’s Not About the Food

It’s Not About the Food

By Rebecca Van Damm


You Didn’t Fail.

Just because a diet didn’t work for you doesn’t mean you failed. It doesn’t mean you’re lazy. It doesn’t mean you lack willpower. It doesn’t mean your metabolism has slowed down beyond repair. In fact, I hereby encourage you to do just that. Slow. Down. Your problem isn’t that you’re sitting around too much. It’s that you’re not sitting around enough. Let me explain by taking you on a trip to Italy.

Think heavy foods: pasta, cheese, wine, prosciutto, bread, pastries, cappuccinos, gelato, you name it. Think sexy, thin people in designer clothing riding mopeds. Think healthy bodies and glowing smiles. (I realize this is a gross generalization, but just go with it.) How can anyone eat like an Italian (and for that matter, a French person, a Danish person or a German) every single day and be in shape? I’ll tell you how....

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Food Journaling

Food Journaling

Food journaling is exactly what it sounds like but there are a lot of great ideas you may not have thought of that make for some very useful tools.  I personally had been recommended many times to give food journaling a try but I figured I had such a good memory and so in tune with myself that it wasn’t worth the time. The truth is there can be and usually is, a big difference between what we eat and what we may have thought we ate. The memory tends to gloss over and also recreate the past in a more favorable light. Food journaling has actually made me realize, I don’t really have such a great memory after all. At this point with food journaling, I have uncovered a few food sensitivities, foods I don’t digest well, and my energy levels related to excess sugar and carb intake. I have also journaled probiotic use, keeping track of different strains and gaining some very useful info from this as well.

Food Journaling Basics

Where are you going to...

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Don’t Feel Like Exercising? Here are 5 Simple Tips to Get You Moving!

Don’t Feel Like Exercising?  Here are 5 Simple Tips to Get You Moving!

By Carrie Billings, MA, CHWC

You hear your alarm buzzing and quickly reach over to turn it off.  It’s barely light out, and you can hear the rain pouring down.   Your bed is warm and comfortable, so you snuggle back under the covers.    It’s too cold and too early to be thinking about moving your body.

As much as you want to go back to sleep, you know you’ll feel so much better if you get up and get moving.  Here are 5 simple tips to help you fight the urge to stay in bed the next time your alarm goes off.

1) Change your mindset.

Take a moment to think about your expectations around exercise.  Do you get on the scale after every workout and feel disappointed if the number hasn’t gone down?  Or maybe you look in the mirror every day, hoping that certain parts of your body will look different. 

If you’re not getting the...

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