Creating Your Own Hypnosis Suggestions

Get the basics of hypnosis, as well as a lesson in suggestions that can help you boost your own fitness routine. Our Premier Practitioner Kelli von Heydekampf explains how we can create suggestions for ourselves everyday. Take your fitness to the next level with this video!

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New Year's Resolutions Reimagined

New Year’s Resolutions Reimagined

Christa King, CEO/Founder, Fitlandia

With only 8% of people expected to achieve their New Year’s Resolution, it’s time to reimagine what this time-honored tradition holds in store for us and rethink the entire process…starting from day one.

Your New Year’s Resolution is set. You’re going to do it this time! Whether it’s to quit smoking, lose weight, get organized, make more time for friends, spend less time at work – whatever your goal, every other failed attempt is a thing of the past because your resolve and determination is so strong this time, right?! Not quite.

We’re going to teach you how the brain is wired for survival, and unknowingly, sabotaging your will and best efforts. More importantly, we’ll teach you easy, everyday steps you can take to retrain your brain and ensure your success in 2016. Hint: Willpower is not enough. It will expire.

Let’s start with a little...

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Positive Self-talk Practice

Positive Self-Talk Practice

Just in time for New Year’s resolutions! Kelli von Hedeykampf from West Metro Hypnosis teaches us how to easily incorporate positive self-talk into your daily (or shall we say, twice daily, routine).

The power of positive self-talk is limitless. We invite you to list out your goals in advance and note your “before” state. Practice this for 30 days straight, then note your “after” results.

We can’t wait to learn what amazing transformations have come to you through this positive self-talk practice!

Feeling stuck in reaching your fitness goals and what a more comprehensive, holistic approach? Visit to watch the brief Intro to The Core Program.

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Breathe Through the Holidays!

Breathe Through the Holidays!

For many, the holidays are positive, joyous occasions, but some of us experience a heightened sense of anxiety, grief, stress, and loneliness that can at times feel overwhelming.

As I thought about offering strategies to help folks through it, I was inspired by a powerful session with a client who arrived incredibly anxious to her appointment this week.

Normally, sessions consist of getting into the relaxed, trance state of hypnosis, then doing the “work,” but my intuition kicked in and acknowledged we needed to do some really good breath work first to relieve the anxiety and open her up for the best session possible.

She left the appointment feeling relieved, refreshed, grounded and peaceful. She’d started the appointment saying she didn’t even want to get out of the car, and left feeling gratitude for having come in.

I’d like to share the breathing exercise I led her through in hopes that this process will help you all...

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Breathe Your Way to Restful Sleep

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2015

Breathe Your Way to Restful Sleep

Are you looking for natural ways to get more restful sleep? Does the idea of a great nights’ sleep make you hopeful for finding the motivation to exercise in the morning? Here’s an easy step-by-step process to give yourself permission to leave the day’s worries behind and allow deep, restful sleep.

  1. Two hours before bed remove all electronic distractions (no TV, phone, or iPad). Yep, this part is very important…sorry, DVR it!
  2. Close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath. Do a brief check-in with your body to notice any places of tension or stress. Start to imagine your breath going to those places to help soften and relieve the stress. Allow the inhale to be refreshing and the exhale to be releasing.
  3. With your eyes still closed, begin to visualize a peaceful, sacred space where there is no worry or stress - maybe it’s a beach or a beautiful garden. Wherever feels right to you, bring it into your...
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Nature’s Ability to Heal

Uncategorized Dec 14, 2015

Nature’s Ability to Heal

There’s something so powerful about nature’s ability to heal the soul. It’s a universal sensation many of us have had the privilege of deeply connecting with. With today’s culture often leaving people feeling alone, overwhelmed, and disconnected, the outdoors remains an oasis for healing and connection.

When we take the body, mind, and soul out to nature, we notice the shift that occurs when we aren’t bombarded with thought-processing tasks. We become present. We get to meet and express our authentic self. We get to heal.

In the quiet of nature, without excessive distraction, our minds can begin to relax and focus, allowing for positive thoughts and the reprogramming of negative responses to be transformed into wisdom and reflection.

There are numerous scientific studies that have proven the benefits of being in nature as part of a holistic healing practice. Outdoor recreation is linked to lower levels of depression and...

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Boost Your Immunity

Boost Your Immunity

Your immune system is your body’s natural defense system against foreign invaders like parasites, bacteria, viruses, microbes and toxins.  It is designed to differentiate the cells that make up your body and eliminate the ones that are foreign.   Your body uses an army of white blood cells to defend itself.   Macrophages, a type of white blood cell found in almost all cells of the body, are constantly patrolling your body, looking to destroy any germs as soon as they enter. These cells are considered your ‘natural’ or inborn immunity. However, if an infection begins to take hold, your body fights back with the more powerful, specialized T- and B-cells. These cells give you acquired immunity because they remember the germs that attacked you in the past, so that same germ can never make you as ill again.  Nourishing your immune system is very important for your overall health.

Foods to Boost Immunity

  • Improve your gut...
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What Does Health Mean to You?

Health = Balance

The definition of health can vary from person to person. For some, it means eating a healthy diet. For others, health is measured in physical fitness. For many people out there, weight is a measure of health. For me, health pertains to many aspects of ourselves and is certainly more than physical.

Balance is at the center of my philosophy and is the foundation of my business, Warrior-Flow. I believe that work-life balance, a balanced diet program, balanced exercise, and a balanced nervous system are all important for overall health and wellness.

  • Work-life balance: Many of us are driven by career goals and it is easy to get swept up in working long hours to get ahead. In many fields, there is an expectation to work long hours, sacrifice vacations and to be available before and after the workday officially starts. Burnout is common and sick leave and vacation time are often insufficient to give people the downtime they need. Taking breaks to restore is an important...
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Tips to Survive the Holiday Season

By Teri Sprouse, LCSW, Certified Holistic Nutritionist

The Holiday season is upon us and for many of us with it comes parties, alcohol and a departure from our normal eating habits!  Here are a few steps you can take to survive the parties and holiday feasts with all your good intentions in place.

Tips for Surviving Parties

Eat before you go:  Have a small, protein filled snack about an hour before you have to leave for the party.  The protein will keep you full longer and keep you from reaching for high calorie foods just because you are starving.

Check out all options before filling your plate: Before you take a plate, look at all the food options in the room and decide which ones will be the best choices.  This does not mean you cannot have any “treats” but that you are going to decide which ones are really “special” and are worth the indulgence.  (Because really, what are the holidays without some “treats”!)


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Preserving the Bounty: Principles of Fermentation for the Fall Harvest

By Jeanell Innerarity of Enjoy the Stawberry

Have you ever heard the joke about zucchini season? It goes like this: roll up your car windows! Seriously. Because during zucchini season, the harvest is so abundant that your neighbors might try to sneak their extra vegetables into your driver’s seat if you’re not careful.

This is an unfortunate scenario because, like many generously abundant vegetables, zucchini makes an exceptional ferment that will add fiber and probiotics to your diet for weeks—if not months!

In this article, I’m going to share with you the main benefits of fermenting your food, as well as the basic principles of fermentation for almost any vegetable. You’ll be empowered to ferment to your heart’s delight!

Let’s start with knowing WHY you might want to ferment your vegetables:

  1. Fermentation is an ancient, tried-and-true-for-millennia form of making food last long past the harvest season,...
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