My Sober Year - Day 7

Dear Day 7 of My Sober Year, I love you! All of the fears I had about not doing this for a year are completely gone, at this present moment. When I started this journey I wrote out 32 reasons to take a full year to be sober. These have become my constant motivators. But I was wise to list out all of the things I was afraid of while doing this. It helped me prepare ahead of time to ensure my success. Planning is everything, right?

Reasons for NOT Doing a Full-Year Sober

So here are (were!) my fears about this journey:

  • Massive cravings

Oh and I mean massive. As mentioned previously, I had been struggling to do any sort of cleanse for more than a week. The cravings, triggers, and opportunities were too great. Adding in a clean, whole foods, no sugar elimination diet along with my supplementation protocol have been my saviors and have prevented so much unnecessary agony.

  • Changes to my social life and friendships

Yes, some of my friendships were based on plain-ole...

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My Sober Year - Day 5

Day 5 of My Sober Year has me feeling like Julie Andrews spinning on a mountain top meadow in the Sound of Music. The hills are alive and so is my body! And my mind! And my soul!

This Part of the Post May Gross You Out (skip ahead to My Results if you’d like)

My nutritionist pals and I talked about our poo all the time, but if poo-talk isn’t your thing, skip down to my current results for the not-so-nasty stuff. Here we go! So around Day 2 of cleaning out alcohol, sugar, refined carbs, most dairy, gluten, and caffeine, I noticed my poo was foul-smelling. Sure no one’s poo is pleasant, but this was a noticeable change. I could only equate it to the Candida die off that had begun. Our nutritional program didn’t warn us about that, but my common sense confirmed it. On Day 4, my body had a major purge (4 flushes - sorry, gross, I know) and I must say the idea of getting this stuff out of me was very rewarding. It also got me thinking about giving up...

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My Sober Year - Day 4

Hello Day 4 of My Sober Year! Things just keep getting better…and got a little worse, briefly.

Other Eliminated Foods

It’s worth mentioning again that I’m also off sugar, refined carbs, processed foods, and caffeine for the first 30 days. I’m also going super light on the dairy. I know the removal of these pesky foods are contributing to how great I feel.

Mixed Bag of a Day

The day started off glorious with me feeling so well-rested after yet another night of good sleep and this beautiful sense of vitality. The only way I can describe it is that I feel “open” to all that’s available to me instead of blocked…and I mean this energetically. I kept the same protocol as outlined in Day 1 and all was great until about 5 PM when we started to prepare for a monthly potluck we host. My hubby and I had both hopped on the cranky-train and I had to reach into my bag of tricks to manage through an evening full of alcohol, cookies, and fresh-baked...

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My Sober Year - Day 3

Today is an awesome day! I had imagined Day 3 of My Sober Year would be nothing short of HELL-a-cious! This was based on my numerous times quitting smoking (been cig-free for nearly 6 years now) and anytime I cleansed and removed something from my diet.

Could It Be the Supplements?

I can only surmise it’s the prep work going into this journey and all that I’m doing to support the detox process that is making my 3rd day nothing but joyful. I’m still taking the original protocol, but I’ve added in Yogi tea’s roasted dandelion spice detox to support me throughout the day.

Better Sleep Already

I’ve had chronic insomnia for over 4 years. I could write a book alone on all I’ve done to help it. But I’m hopeful that being off sugar, refined carbs, caffeine, AND alcohol is what contributed to me falling back asleep within 5–10 minutes v. 2 - 3 hours when I woke up at 2AM. I’ll be updating you all on this one...

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My Sober Year - Day 2

Day 2 of My Sober Year and I woke up feeling great and even did a little meditation, but now I have a headache and am feeling emotional - a little teary and overwhelmed. Mrrrrrrt. While this isn’t completely out of the norm, I am noticing it and am being very introspective about my body processes that are causing these symptoms.

For one, if I do have a Candida overgrowth, going through a healing crisis could be happening as the yeast dies off and the body is fighting to clear it out. I’m focusing my efforts on staying super-hydrated with no less than 3 liters of water per day. The lemon water and Milk Thistle supplements will help with that too.

I expect tomorrow will be quite challenging so I’m preparing ahead of time and getting some of the not-so-fun housework done today so I can have plenty of time for quietness tomorrow if need be.

For now, I remain excited about cleansing this body of mine and took joy in packing up the wine and liquor that is to...

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My Sober Year - Day 1

Preparing to Start

Last night my husband AJ and I held a little ceremony to celebrate this journey we’re embarking. We wrote down all of our hopes and dreams on wishing paper for what we believe to be an amazing year, sober. We lit them up into the air sending our messages out to the Universe. We then shared a bottle of very expensive bubbly and talked about our excitement and fears for the next 365-days.

Day 1

I woke up feeling GREAT! It was bizarre. I was consciously aware that I felt this was connected to giving up alcohol. It was like my brain understood this was happening, believed all the goals I’d outlined, and already my body picked that up and started to feel it.

As as I write this at 4:50PM, Day 1 of My Sober Year has been really, really, really good. Of course, it’s the first day, right? It’s easy to imagine the roller coaster about to ensue so it’s an opportunity for me to practice presence. And right now, I feel...

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My Sober Year - Yep, This is Happening!


In the spring of 2014 I started a certification program to become a Nutritional Therapist. Within the first few classes, I discovered that I had a passion around food and alcohol addiction/dependence, specifically managing them through diet, exercise, supplementation, and stress management.

I became interested primarily due to my own relationship with alcohol, which I would label as “unhealthy.” I had too many cravings for it and consumed more than I’d wanted to. What was curious is that I had been able to eliminate it for a month at a time previously, but now I couldn’t. How did I have the discipline then, but just couldn’t make it “stick” this time?

It wasn’t a lack of discipline at all

I learned my relationship with alcohol could be the product of a physiological response v. a lack of will power and commitment (i.e. hormone/neurotransmitter imbalance, Candida overgrowth, etc). I began to contemplate how this carried...

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So what is Subconscious Fitness?

Subconscious Fitness

When I explain what Fitlandia is all about, I keep using the phrase “subconscious fitness” with friends, family, clients, etc. It’s really the only way I can describe what makes Fitlandia different - in a nutshell. The whole idea is that you work from a foundation of having a healthy mind to generate a healthy body. But it’s not just at the conscious level, but the subconscious. For some that’s a brand-new term so I’ll first define it.

Subconscious Defined

Merriam-Webster defines the subconscious as, “existing in the mind but not immediately available to consciousness.” defines it as, “the totality of mental processes of which the individual is not aware; unreportable mental activities.”

Fitlandia describes it as “the thoughts, patterns, values, and drivers of behavior that are deep within the mind, not...

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Chai Spice Cake - Guest Contributor Shana Groseclose

At Fitlandia, we promote moderation and this vegan chai spice cake will hit the sweet spot for that occasional treat. Our Guest Contributor, Shana Grosclese adapted this recipe from, who adapted it from She even veganized Martha Stewart’s ButterCream frosting!  

Let’s hear from Shana herself:

"This super-satisfying cake took me back to my days living in Nepal, where chai tea was on the offering several times/day.  To find a recipe that was already veganized made me especially happy.  Across South Asia, “chai” gets served a number of different ways - black with cardamom, sweet and milky with black pepper, biting with LOADS of fresh ginger.  So adjust the spices to your palette - if it smells delicious, it will be!

For this recipe, I added nutmeg, upped the amount of some spices, simplified the instructions, took the milk out of the icing, the almond...

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Fitlandia is the first fitness company we know of to incorporate nutrition, exercise, and “subconscious fitness” resources, creating a truly holistic wellness platform. Our mission is to not only educate you, but also help remove the mental barriers to creating a healthy mind, body, and spirit. We use both hypnosis and professional coaching techniques to make lifestyle changes easier and have them “stick.”

We are now designing an online fitness program and are gathering a focus group together to create an innovative platform that will launch in 2016.

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