My Journey in Juicing - Day 1

My Journey in Juicing - Day 1"

date: “2014–12–03”

My journey in juicing was prompted by the movie Hungry for Change. As a nutritional therapist in training, I certainly understood the value of eating fruits and vegetables, but juicing is relatively new to me so I thought I’d give it a whirl. The timing couldn’t have been better as my hubby and I were giving our bodies a 2-week break from alcohol and refined sugar/carbs so what better time to add in a nutrient blast!

My hope is to provide a daily account of what just one juice per day will do. This isn’t a massive juicing detox where I’ll only juice for several days. Who knows, maybe one day. For now, it’s a moderate, yet dedicated approach to getting more whole food nutrients in me.

Results of Day 1

WOW! Ok, from the first sip I noted “something.” I’m not exaggerating when I say it felt like every cell in my body was getting what it needed - immediately. I...

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Soak and Sprout Your Beans

Let me first start off by saying, I just learned why it’s important to soak and sprout your beans! My fellow nutritional therapy classmates and I started a monthly potluck where we all get together, discuss a specific condition, then outline food, herb, and supplement protocols to help. As you can imagine, this brain trust shares their best tips and tricks, as well. That’s where we started discussing soaking and sprouting your beans before cooking them as you normally would.

It’s believed that this process helps the body absorb more of the nutrients such as zinc, iron, vitamin C, etc, but it also aids in digestion. Visit the Nourishing Gourmet’s site that does a great job outlining the benefits, as well as easy instructions to get you started!

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Crossfit - What's All the Buzz?

I’ve been leading a running group for the past several months, heading out about 3 times per week. I knew I needed more strength training so I began adding in a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout for 7-minutes at the end of each run. It felt great and we all loved doing it.

With the days getting shorter (aka darkness, cold, and PacNW rain) and attendance dropping off for the runs, I decided to seek out some new options for my hubby and me to try out. Enter Crossfit!

We went to VC Crossfit here in Portland, OR. I can’t say enough about these folks, the gym, and our experience through their On-Ramp Program! Renn, Tom, and Tyler in particular worked with us very closely, but the entire staff is really amazing - ensuring a safe, enjoyable, and HARD workout.

The community aspect of Crossfit is a rare gem of a find. As many of you Fitlandians know, I’m all about community and VC Crossfit delivers.

So How Was My Workout?

Although I’m a regular...

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Guest Contributor, Jen with Two Rivers Coaching: Balance, Balance, Balance...

Balance, balance, balance… it’s all the rage. “My life’s out of balance”, “I need a better balance.” What do these things mean? What do you envision when you picture balance?

The first place my mind goes is to an exercise ball. Ever try to bend backward over one of those puppies and relax, letting your head hang? Well, if you have, you’ll know that tiny muscle movements in the body cause you to be on a constantly self-correcting path, constantly moving fine muscles to maintain your posture. Or there’s that great yoga pose, your standing on one leg, the other neatly tucked against the standing leg… and you’ve got it! You are perfectly still. Balance has arrived! Well…. that is until your thoughts begin to wander or someone in front of you moves and your concentration falters, or you simply get tired. I mean, you can’t stay there forever!

Balance isn’t something we achieve. There is no state...

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Get Fit for a Good Cause

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2014

10% to $10,000 for the National Alliance on Mental Illness

Fitlandia was a bit quiet in September as I lost the most amazing soul I’ve know, my mother Catherine, to cancer on September 7th. Those close to me and my family also knew of her challenges with mental illness and my passion to end the stigma of brain disorders by not being quiet and getting involved with NAMI - the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

My mother suffered from bi-polar disorder for 42 of her 67 years with us. She & I both became very active with NAMI in the last 2 years of her life. As a tribute to her, and in gratitude for all NAMI has provided for my family, Fitlandia will donate 10% of the net profits of all client sessions, retreats, and on-line programs to the National Alliance of Mental Illness in Catherine King’s honor until we’ve reached our goal of $10,000!

Help bring awareness, grow resources, and end the stigma of mental illness in my...

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Magnesium (and other tips) for constipation

OK, nobody really enjoys talking about their poo, but more and more you’re hearing about the importance of daily bowel movements - and according to The American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons, 80% of us suffer from constipation at one time or another.

You know the importance of hydration and fiber intake (25–30g/day), but you could have a magnesium deficiency contributing to the problem, as well.

I just completed the “Nutritional Supplementation” class for my certification program toward becoming a Nutritional Therapist and we talked a great deal about the benefits of magnesium and the surprising statistic that it’s the second most common nutrient deficiency, right behind Vitamin-D.

So I wanted to share my personal protocol I used to help with more regular BMs. It was met with AMAZING results!

Imbalance/Disease chosen: Chronic Constipation

Summary of Pathology, Symptoms, and Risk Factors:

I’m a 42-year old female who has...

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6 Post-summer Fitness Tips

Ugh! The days are getting shorter. Prime workout times (morning and evenings) are darker. For many of us, rain, snow, and cold creep in to diminish our motivation to get out and exercise. We’re also on the cusp of holiday food temptations.

So how do we stay fit post-summer? Get your head, heart, and body in the game with these tips:

1. Get Social

Use to find local fitness groups, many of which are free to join, including Fitlandia, here in Portland, OR. Joining a gym is another great way to connect with fit-minded folk. Don’t be shy about introducing yourself to fellow classmates to build your support and motivation system. Think how much more regular you’ll attend if one of your buddies is expecting you!

[caption id=“attachment_1211” align=“alignright” width=“225”]Bandit w/Fitlandia Running GroupBandit w/Fitlandia Running Group[/caption]

2. Get Your Head in the Game

Mind mantras will be the key to overcoming the inclement weather and the grasp of a...

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Work/Life Balance: 3 Tips for Great Fitness

By Ryan Murtfeldt

Does this sound familiar? Your doctor wants you on the anti-inflammatory diet, your physical therapist wants you to try a daily Pilates routine, and you’ve been planning to start meditating every morning! Of course you want to be in great shape, but between work, the kids, and a little fun on the weekends, who has time for it all?

In our busy lives, finding a good work/life balance is an important key to achieving good fitness. Here are a few tips to help:

1) Consciously use your strengths at work every day. Studies show that people who “do what they do best every day” have more energy and vitality, and experience less stress. What do y_ou_ love to do best? What gets you hopping out of bed in the morning? Can you find ways to do more of that at work on a daily basis? It might sound like wishful thinking, but a technique called Job Crafting is helping people restructure their current jobs, so they’re doing more of what they love to do (using...

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Woman’s (and Man’s) Best Workout Buddy – Meet Bandit

Sometimes it’s really tough to find the motivation to exercise. Lack of rest, rainy days, and just plain waking up on the wrong side of the bed can all make a morning workout a real challenge.

I personally know I’m most motivated when others are relying on me to “show up.” And I’m no solo artist either. I don’t look at exercise as my quiet “me time.” I’m too much of a social butterfly for that. I envy those that can.

So I work with my strengths. And Bandit is one of them.

Before I share the benefits of having a dog as a workout buddy, please read my disclaimers about pet ownership:

- If you haven’t had a dog before, they are a BIG responsibility

o   They cost money

o   Require a big time sacrifice

o   Your schedule will likely revolve around them

o   Here’s a quiz to see if you’re ready for a new member of your family:...

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Shifting from Destructive Beliefs to Constructive Beliefs

Because of the nature of my practice, I’m highly sensitive to picking up negative self-talk (clients, friends, family - everyone!). It’s almost as if the volume in their voice gets so loud and clear that it’s unavoidable to notice. It’s unbelievable how prevalent this is. And it’s even more unbelievable that we don’t fully appreciate that our thoughts create our reality.

This blog is influenced from an original piece I’d written for Guided Lotus. I’ll probably revitalize this blog regularly just so we can all have a reminder, myself included, that we have to be very careful with our words. Hopefully, this will help you shift your thoughts!

Shifting from Destructive Beliefs to Constructive Beliefs

I was again reminded of how a client’s beliefs can influence their ability to overcome challenges and insecurities and achieve their goals. These core beliefs can support or limit their efforts, as well as have a real impact on...

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