How I Got Over My Fear of Fish Oil

Ok, this post is going to be gross, but hopefully, it will help others’ get over their fear of fish oil too! Maybe fear isn’t the right word, but it’s the best one I can muster up…as I drink my smoothie apprehensively because of the fish oil. LOL!

Some 15 years ago my father started touting the benefits of fish oil and invited me to start taking supplements. So I did. And I gagged my way through the rest of the day with every fishy-belch that arrived. I never took it again.

Just 3 days ago my amazingly wonderful naturopath recommended I take 2 tbsp (that’s TABLESPOONS) of cod liver oil (that actual oil itself) each day to help with heavy periods. The disgust on my face suggested I needed a little help with accepting this protocol! She recommended Nordic Naturals, orange flavor oil and proceeded to warn me about the other flavors that were not so pleasing. She also recommended I put it in my smoothie to hide the texture as this is what most...

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What the HIIT?

One of the toughest struggles any wellness practitioner will have is working with a client that wants fast, marked results v. embracing the journey and accepting that long-term fitness success takes time.

That being said, in my own life and practice, I do respect the desire to see results and that this can be a powerful motivator. And I acknowledge time is a precious commodity and our society doesn’t leave nearly enough “me-time.” My hope is we’ll begin to change that, but for now, I’m sensitive to the challenge of finding time for exercise each day.

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and you may be hearing a lot of buzz about it and its benefits, albeit unsure of what it is. Maybe you’ve heard of the 5, 7, or 10-minute workouts?

Basically, the premise is that you’re doing a greater intensity of exercise in less time. Another key component is a short-recovery time between exercises. That’s it in a nutshell. But there are...

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The Power of Turmeric

As part of my nutritional therapy certification program, we were charged to design a nutritional protocol to treat a personal issue. Since I’ve been struggling with Sural neuropathy since October 2013, I thought it would be a great candidate to see if food could help heal it where traditional western medicine was failing. The content is from my actual research paper, but here are the big take-aways I learned from the process. Please note, I have a sincere respect for western medicine and any frustration in this blog comes from my ongoing hope that we can take a more holistic approach in the near future.

  • Western medicine is not yet looking closely enough at the nutritional component of wellness

As you’ll read below, I saw NINE specialists and not one of them ever looked at my diet for either cause or as a treatment option. There were however suggestions of steroid injections and nerve removal through surgery.

  • Food can be a cure or contributor of disease


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Case study: Nutritional treatment of obesity and pre-diabetes

During my nutritional therapy program, we were assigned a case to manage through nutrition and supplementation, as well as provide suggested complementary modalities. Since obesity, pre-diabetes, and diabetes are so prevalent, I found this to be a great post for you all to enjoy and share with those that may benefit from the insights here.


Case study for nutritional treatment of obesity and pre-diabetes

Case Presented

_1)    __Jackson is a 45 y.o. plumber who comes to you for help with his diagnosis of pre-diabetes. His primary care physician told him to get his blood sugar and weight (waist 43 in, height 68 in) under control. Jackson refused to take any medications and insisted on getting your help first. Your history taking reveals he eats the Standard American Diet (SAD) with heavy reliance on fast and fried foods, simple carbs, and HFCS/carbonated beverages. He has no regular exercise routine and reports his wife is concerned about his severe...

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