Episode 77 - Exercise Series: Aerial Movement with Jen Livengood

Aerial yoga is a hot fitness trend right now and today we continue our exercise series with Jen Livengood of A-WOL Dance Collective here in Portland, OR to inspire you to get up in the silks!

Jen is kind enough to join us on the Podcast today and first we want to hear a little bit more about Jen’s studio in Portland, Oregon.

Jen explains that she is the director of a nonprofit arts directive that is called A-WOL Dance Collective. They have a studio in Portland’s Lloyd district with three teaching spaces. They offer classes to almost every age. Their classes start at age 4 (they even have some tiny tot classes for the 2–3 year olds now and then). They have aerial fitness classes and aerial skills classes. The fitness classes are things like aerial yoga, a flying fit class with trapeze bars, and various other conditioning classes to help more experienced movers target their workouts with silks and trapeze. The skills classes include mostly focus on building skills...

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Episode 76 - Exercise Series: Zumba with Heidi K

Welcome back Fitlandians! We are continuing our exercise series again this week and we are talking all things Zumba with Heidi K.!

Heidi and Christa met over two years ago when one of Christa’s friends suggested she try out Heidi’s class and they connected right away. Heidi embodies all the things we find really important at Fitlandia like body inclusion, modifying, honoring your body and having fun!

Heidi always says that having fun is the number one important thing to remember with all exercise, especially Zumba. There is no such thing as perfection, just having a good time is the priority.

Heidi and Christa talk all about the diversity and fun nature of a Zumba class. Christa remembers in the first class she went to she saw such a wide variety of people, bodies, skill levels and more and it was so refreshing to know it was a place you could be you and have fun. Christa asks Heidi to explain what got Heidi into Zumba.

Dancing is where Heidi can let go and be...

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Episode 75 - Exercise Series: Yoga with Jamie King

Hello Fitlandians! Welcome to episode number 75 of our podcast where we are continuing our series on all the exercise movements available to us. Today we are talking all things yoga with the wonderful Jamie King. 

Before we jump into the show, it’s your last chance to sign up for the March session of 30 Days to Thriving! I don’t want you to forget that all my podcast listeners get 20% off.  I’d LOVE to see you there and be sure to use the code: Podcast20 at the checkout to get your 20% off. 

Without further ado, I’d like to welcome Jamie King to the show to tell us all about the wonderful world of yoga! Jamie is the founder and owner of Flex & Flow Yoga here in Portland, Oregon. Jamie gives us some details about her studio and her journey.

Flex and Flow is about 2 years old and located in Portland and we do everything from high energy power vinyasa to regular flow vinyasa to our signature workout which is called Hit and Flow. This is a...

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Episode 74 - Exercise Series: Strength Training with Megan Benedict

Today we are learning more about strength training from the wonderful Megan Benedict. Megan is the cofounder of Fit Kitchen Direct and is regular here on the podcast! She is going to share with us all the amazing benefits of strength training. Welcome Megan and thank you so much for being here!

Before we begin, I wanted to take the time to remind you all that the next round of the 30 Days to Thriving program starts March 1st! Head on over to myfitlandia.com/programs to check out everything that is included and sign up. It is all there to support you and to help you get you back on track…and it goes perfectly with today’s episode where we continue our series on the amazing variety of exercise we have available to us.

I first just want to point out how amazing it has been to follow your journey and catch your updates on your fantastic Instagram feed…be sure to check Megan and Fit Kitchen Direct out there!

So Megan, take us back to when you started strength training...

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Episode 73 - Exercise Series: Pilates with Abby Parker

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2018

Our exercise series continues as we highlight the benefits of Pilates with PDX powerhouse, Abby Parker! Settle in as she shares her story of strength and resiliency, culminating into a love for fitness.

Before we jump into the show I want to make sure to remind those of you in the Portland area to come out and see me at Athleta in the Pearl District! I am doing an awesome workshop event there to help you embrace the power of your mind for fitness. It is February 17th at 8:30 AM and you can click this link to RSVP on Eventbrite.

Abby is here today helping us continue our exercise series to expose us to the amazing variety of options we all have for moving our bodies every day. It’s all about finding something we LOVE to do, something that feels good and feels right to our bodies. Abby is here to help us understand a little more about pilates and to help us see the true beauty in this exercise.

You HAVE TO head over to Abby’s Instagram and check out her photos. They are...

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Why You Shouldn’t Stop Eating Red Meat

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2018

Disclosure: This is a sponsored blog post for which we’ve received compensation for including links to our sponsor.

When you think about eating healthy, you automatically assume you need to cut red meat out of your diet, and you probably are nervous about other drastic changes you may have to make. However, we looked into the benefits and disadvantages that red meat provides to make sure that you are well-informed enough to make the right decision.

Some disadvantages of eating a large amount of red meat is an increased risk of heart disease and even cancer, as a result from clogged arteries and an increased level of cholesterol. The advantages balance the negative aspects by providing the body with essential vitamins and nutrients. People who are against eating red meat for the potential health benefits observe that you can take a health supplement to make up for any vitamins or minerals you are missing in your diet. Find out more at Research Verified reviews to read more...

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Episode 72 - Exercise Series: Bootcamp with Emily Corso

Think bootcamp is scary? That it’s going to tear you up and spit you out? Think again! Today we’re talking to Emily Corso of Bold and Badass Fitness on the benefits of bootcamp classes and a safe approach to keep them fun while still being a great challenge. 

Before we begin, I want you to mark your calendars if you live in the Portland, Oregon area so that you can come on out to Emily’s studio on February 25th from 11 AM to 12:30 PM, where I will be delivering a workshop on the Mindset Detox!

You can claim your Eventbrite ticket for the event here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mindset-detox-uncover-release-your-fitness-obstacles-tickets–42690040059

I’m here now with Emily Corso of Bold & Badass. I am so excited because Emily is going to help give us a taste of the bootcamp life!

Bold & Badass is a body-positivity focused gym, which accepts everyone and encourages them to come as they are. They offer bootcamp trainings and also...

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Episode 70 - Stories of Transformation with Kate Kelly

Caution, we use some adult language in this episode!

Today’s episode is a very exciting addition to the Fitlandia Podcast lineup! You are going to be SO thrilled to hear Kate’s special story of progress, transformation and courage.

Kate Kelly and I met through Dr. Jerome Craig, who has shared some of his amazing knowledge right here on the podcast previously, and we could not be more grateful or thrilled to have connected. Kate’s vulnerability and openness is a true inspiration for all of us and can move us each along on our own fitness and wellness journeys.

Kate’s Journey

Cheers to our journeys and instead of celebrating with red wine, today we are celebrating with our herbal teas! Kate and I have been talking and sharing our stories for the last few weeks and one thing that Kate mentioned that really stood out to me was that this time, her journey feels different. She is working hard and has begun the year by giving up alcohol for the month of January. She...

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Episode 69 - Hormonal Balance with the Right Nutrition Strategy

Hello Fitlandia Family!

Today we are here with Allison Pelot, a fellow Portland-based fitness guru and amazing holistic nutrition and fitness coach. We are so excited to talk about achieving hormonal balance with nutrition strategies. Can’t wait!

Allison has a flourishing physical practice here in Portland where she hosts classes, offers nutritional and functional training as well as offering one on one coaching. She has been studying the biochemistry of the body for around 10 years now and applies this knowledge to help people feel and perform their best.

Allison explains how she has seen many people struggle with digestion, even including foods that are considered health foods. Things like nuts and seeds, raw veggies, and grains tend to be difficult for digestive systems to process the nutrients properly and can often cause severe digestive discomfort.

Allison’s Process:

The typical process that Allison walks clients through checks these four boxes:

1) Discover Your...

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Episode 68 - The Unhealthy Side of Keto

Welcome back Fitlandians! Today we are talking to Alex Cunningham, Head of Partnerships for Perfect Keto health supplements, all about making healthy food choices and how ANY dietary strategy that is considered a health strategy can be unhealthy. 

The Perfect Keto Story:

Alex explains how his health journey, like many journeys to health and wellness, began with rock bottom at age 23. It was then that he discovered Dr. Anthony Gustin and his blog which helped change his life from frozen meals and takeout to healthy food choices, creative cooking and an active, healthy lifestyle.

Perfect Keto was born from the transition that both Dr. Gustin and Alex took from a whole food and paleo lifestyle to a keto approach. During this transition they found less than ideal options for products to assist with Ketogenic eating. They wanted a supplement that not only assisted with ketosis but also tasted great, was made with clean ingredients, and was offered at a great price. What they...

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