Episode 49 - Mind Zoning®: Recovering From a Setback

Welcome back to the Fitlandia Podcast! Today, Christa treats us with a Mind Zoning® session to help us tackle that “setback bug” once again. As we talked about previously with DeShawn Fontleroy, of Sports Mastery during Episode 45, slip ups are sometimes unavoidable, but becoming aware of the behavior and the reason for why you fell back into an old pattern is crucial. Harnessing the power of your mind through Mind Zoning® and working to forgive yourself helps you quickly recover from a setback so you can continue to move forward towards your goal. Whether you missed a workout or a handful of workouts, gave into those cravings or simply stayed in bed too long and didn’t have the productive day you’d planned, this Mind Zoning® session will help you get back on track, every time. myfitlandia.com While allowing your eyes to close, take three deep breaths in and slowly exhale out

Clear away any worry, frustration or busyness from the day

Be at peace...

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Episode 48 - Rising Early Mind Zoning®

Uncategorized Aug 20, 2017

Take three deep breaths in and exhale deeply and begin to close your eyes, allowing your body to relax wherever you may be

Allowing your mind to slow down in thought

Take a break from analyzing, processing and planning

Let go for a few minutes

Take another deep breath in from the nose and let it out fully and completely

Release any tension from your neck and shoulders

Letting your belly be full and relaxed

Releasing the muscles in your hips and legs all the way to your ankles and toes

It’s that quickly from head to toe you can release, relax and let go

As you tap into the power of your mind

It’s a clear blue sky

Wide open and receptive to all thoughts and ideas you have

Any healthy lifestyle is possible with your mind

You are creating that right now

Appreciating it in this moment

To start a new pattern

This involves waking up

Rising out of bed

And starting your day’s journey


Imagine through that process you’re able to first start by giving yourself...

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Episode 47 - My First Fast

Have you heard about the numerous health benefits of fasting and might be considering giving it a try? Well then, you’re in for a treat today as Christa shares with us her very own reasoning and experiences during her first extended fast!

Disclaimer: DO NOT ATTEMPT A FAST WITHOUT THE SUPERVISION OF YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER. Important: this should not be used as a tool for quick weight loss but instead to become quickly keto-adapted or for ultimate vitality.

While already practicing intermittent fasting, a daily eating pattern that cycles between a fasting and eating window, Christa typically eats her last meal around 6 or 7pm and fasts until the following day between 11AM - 12PM. After reaping the benefits from this, she decided to try an extended fast of 72 hours.

What are the Benefits of Intermittent Fasting?

  • Increased energy and fat burning ability – this is especially true while practicing a ketogenic diet, allowing you to get you into ketosis quicker and convert...
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Episode 46 - Strategic Vitality: Creating a Holistically Healthy Life

Today we welcome Maigen Thomas, a personal and professional development consultant, to teach us about strategic vitality and how to create holistic fitness in every area of your life!

Maigen helps people “be and do better.” With a strategy-based approach, Maigen helps her clients:

  1. organize thought patterns
  2. get clear on goals
  3. use only positive words
  4. discover core values
  5. create plan of actionable steps to receive results

“There’s a difference between being good at what you do and being good at business,” she says. Maigen found herself in a position of transition when she expanded a wedding information business and blog to a business for the wedding vendors to use. This enabled the photographer or the cake baker to focus on their specialty and she handled the business end of things.

As a development consultant, Maigen helps her clients turn their professional life around by building the strategy to get to the next step in a career, or to entirely change...

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Episode 45 - Learn How to Overcome Fear and Setbacks

Today we welcome DeShawn Fontleroy of Sports Mastery. Sports Mastery was created to bridge the communication gap of between the student athlete and their parents and coaches. He begins by mentoring athletes first on how to overcome fear and then by making the most of any obstacle or setbacks they may face. All while challenging their sacrifices and social conflicts to help them reach their goals.  myfitlandia.com DeShawn begins with many of his clients by first explaining the process of fear, followed by a list of everything that they find to be a fear in their own life. Common fears are rejection, criticism, ill health, poverty etc., which as DeShawn says, “Are all taught by our friends, family and environment." He describes the only true fears we’re born with is the fear of heights and of loud noises. These are fears engrained in us, but not often found when looking at what cripples us on a daily basis.

The true definition of fear is an unpleasant emotion caused...

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Episode 44 - Stories of Transformation with Thubten Comerford

Welcome back to the Fitlandia Podcast! Today we have the pleasure of meeting with Thubten Comerford for another inspiring story of weight loss and transformation.

Thubten Comerford has come a long way from his elementary school days when his mother placed him on the Cambridge Weight Plan and he was constantly being reminded he was bigger than the other kids in his class. Growing up active but not athletic, Thubten always struggled with his weight. Upon entering college, he was in the early stages of substance abuse due to conflicting religious boundaries relating to his decision about coming out about his sexual identity. Thubten describes himself at that time as, “a “hot mess.” With no attention being paid to nutrition, he gained the "freshman 50” during his first year of college. He left school soon after and joined the National Guard and then enlisted in the U.S. Navy. After leaving the military, he went back to his parents’ house for a short time...

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Episode 43 - Releasing the Guilt of a Sugar Addiction

This week Christa is joined by Daniel Thomas, CEO of Evolution Eat, to help you release the guilt of a sugar addiction. Daniel is also partner and cofounder of Rich 20 Something, an education platform for millennials and entrepreneurs. Daniel teaches a counter-intuitive strategy to weight loss, dieting and lifestyle transformation that’s all about mindset, habits and skill development. Where self-development meets diet and wellness, Daniel helps individuals all over the world connect with their truest selves to begin a life of control over their bodies, minds and spirits; releasing all guilt from the past. 

Daniel didn’t always associate with such positive principles or self-discovery. He describes growing up as a difficult time of being overweight, allergic and inflamed, feeling as if he had no control over his overall health.  With a loving mother who saturated him with love and food, he was quickly tied into an unhealthy relationship with food....

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Episode 42 - Grieving Your Old Lifestyle

It’s natural to grieve your old lifestyle when making a shift into healthy eating, daily movement and positive thoughts. You’re forced to look at old patterns and learn how to let go of old coping mechanisms. In today’s show, we’ve pulled the webinar archives to repost this important info. We look at the Transtheoretical Model of Change as well as the 5 Stages of Grief to explain this process so you’re better prepared to cope with emotions.

What we can learn from models of change and stages of grieving when setting health goals?

As a Functional Medicine Practitioner working with my patients to overcome their health challenges and create positive change, I have to be aware of mind set and my expectations regarding their wants and needs.

It is never as simple as “tell me what to do and I’ll do it” or “this is the plan and these will be the outcomes.” Creating health is really about changing lifestyle and that involves...

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Episode 41 – Become Ultra Healthy with JP Sears of Awaken with JP

Christa intros JP Sears to the show and jumps right into some nutritional controversy with the American Heart Association’s assertion that coconut oil isn’t healthy. Christa wanted to get JP’s take on the situation since the topic was all over social media.

Here’s what JP had to say:

“From the bottom of my heart, I would dare say, virtually anything the American Heart Association says deserves to be flushed down the toilet.”

Because of the corporate agenda and funding into research, these studies aren’t for the greater good of people, but instead putting dollars into their pockets. Christa concurs. She points out that there is conflicting info in the industry and JP uses the example of the days when margarine was touted as being healthy.

The Power of Meditation

Christa reminds newcomers to the show that Fitlandia is on a mission to end dieting by first helping people change their thought-patterns using Mind Zoning®. Because these...

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Is Coconut Oil Healthy?

Oh boy! When I saw the USA Today article titled, “Coconut oil isn’t healthy. It’s never been healthy,” I thought to myself, “Here we go again. Yet another food industry or big pharma-sponsored research study meant to keep flooding their pockets at the expense of our health.” Yes, I realize these are strong words and I stand by them.

First, a little history on my education, experience and position with regards to scientific research studies. During my Functional Nutrition training we had an entire class dedicated to this very topic called, “Intro to Research and Evidence-Based Practice for Nutritional Therapy.” Through this class I came to learn three very important things:

  1. Studies are open to interpretation.
  2. Science can not “prove” anything. It can only “disprove” ideas. Click here for more misconceptions about science.
  3. Private corporations pay for up to 75% of all studies.

In a nutshell, look to see...

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