Crossfit - What's All the Buzz?

I’ve been leading a running group for the past several months, heading out about 3 times per week. I knew I needed more strength training so I began adding in a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout for 7-minutes at the end of each run. It felt great and we all loved doing it.

With the days getting shorter (aka darkness, cold, and PacNW rain) and attendance dropping off for the runs, I decided to seek out some new options for my hubby and me to try out. Enter Crossfit!

We went to VC Crossfit here in Portland, OR. I can’t say enough about these folks, the gym, and our experience through their On-Ramp Program! Renn, Tom, and Tyler in particular worked with us very closely, but the entire staff is really amazing - ensuring a safe, enjoyable, and HARD workout.

The community aspect of Crossfit is a rare gem of a find. As many of you Fitlandians know, I’m all about community and VC Crossfit delivers.

So How Was My Workout?

Although I’m a regular...

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