Dandelion Root Detox Tea

picture of a dandelion By Joel Wasmann

The Dandelion is used as an herbal remedy in European, Ayurvedic, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and oh yeah, its also a lawn weed.  The roots, leaves and flowers are all edible and very healthy, containing vitamins A, C, Potassium, Iron and Zinc, in much denser proportions than any other leafy green. The primary reason this flower is used worldwide however is for its bitter properties. “Bitter,” a taste that has become quite rare in our diet, is actually very important for our health. Our palate has a diminished  sense for the flavor “bitter” as salty and sweet have become increasingly and overly represented. Bitter naturally increases the flow of gastric juices including saliva in the mouth and bile flow which benefits the liver and gallbladder. Bitter flavors aid digestion but also help regulate blood sugar. Dandelion assists with these crucial functions especially well.

The Dandelion flower can be eaten fresh, just...

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My Sober Year - Week 10

It’s amazing how in tune you become with your body and mind through a detoxification process. Week 10 of My Sober Year felt like all ailments were amplified as my attention tuned into my physical body after loads of mental/emotional work. I guess it was time!

A Trip to the Naturopath

Several of the 32 reasons I gave up the sauce (and sugar, gluten, processed carbs, and caffeine) were being addressed with my amazing naturopath beginning 8 months ago. Some of those included: insomnia, constipation, low libido, and cravings to name a few. I certainly knew making radical changes to my diet and cutting out alcohol would undoubtedly support these getting better.  But with all that was resolving physically, I became hyper aware of issues that continued.

I was working out 6 days a week through a mix of yoga, strength training, and aerobic classes, yet when I did my weekly running routine I noticed by heart rate was skyrocketing up to 165 BMP at...

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Case study: Nutritional treatment of obesity and pre-diabetes

During my nutritional therapy program, we were assigned a case to manage through nutrition and supplementation, as well as provide suggested complementary modalities. Since obesity, pre-diabetes, and diabetes are so prevalent, I found this to be a great post for you all to enjoy and share with those that may benefit from the insights here.


Case study for nutritional treatment of obesity and pre-diabetes

Case Presented

_1)    __Jackson is a 45 y.o. plumber who comes to you for help with his diagnosis of pre-diabetes. His primary care physician told him to get his blood sugar and weight (waist 43 in, height 68 in) under control. Jackson refused to take any medications and insisted on getting your help first. Your history taking reveals he eats the Standard American Diet (SAD) with heavy reliance on fast and fried foods, simple carbs, and HFCS/carbonated beverages. He has no regular exercise routine and reports his wife is concerned about his severe...

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