Not All Calories Are Equal

By Joel Wasmann, blogger of By the Handful

Isn’t it just calories in/calories out? Nope!

We have had a complicated, if not downright obsessive relationship with the word calorie for a long time, but not all calories are equal. It seems to be the focus of many diet programs and even the primary concern for increasing one’s health and losing weight as calories are reduced. There is no doubt that a calorie (really just an arbitrary measurement of energy) does affect our metabolism and therefore our body’s ability to maintain, lose or gain weight. If you dramatically reduce or increase your caloric intake for any length of time given the same level of activity, your weight will likely reflect this dietary change. Unfortunately, it is all too common to find people, especially those trying to lose weight, eating foods with less calories and also much less nutrition. This is not a path to long term health.

Introducing: nutrient dense calories.

I would like to introduce a...

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Magnesium (and other tips) for constipation

OK, nobody really enjoys talking about their poo, but more and more you’re hearing about the importance of daily bowel movements - and according to The American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons, 80% of us suffer from constipation at one time or another.

You know the importance of hydration and fiber intake (25–30g/day), but you could have a magnesium deficiency contributing to the problem, as well.

I just completed the “Nutritional Supplementation” class for my certification program toward becoming a Nutritional Therapist and we talked a great deal about the benefits of magnesium and the surprising statistic that it’s the second most common nutrient deficiency, right behind Vitamin-D.

So I wanted to share my personal protocol I used to help with more regular BMs. It was met with AMAZING results!

Imbalance/Disease chosen: Chronic Constipation

Summary of Pathology, Symptoms, and Risk Factors:

I’m a 42-year old female who has...

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