Episode 60 - Get Over the Fear of Jumping Into Keto with Leanne Vogel

We have an exciting show for you today as we help you get over the fear of jumping into the ketogenic diet with the Queen of Keto herself, Leanne Vogel!

Leanne started studying nutrition in 2007 to help her better understand her body and how it worked with the foods she was putting into it. Originally going to school to help herself, she discovered after graduation that she had learned too much not to help other people and that’s when her blog, “Healthful Pursuit” was born.

Being a super athlete, Leanne noticed after years of not having her menstrual cycle that she wasn’t performing at her best and was continually struggling to put on muscle. This sparked her interest in regulating her cycle, but after starting hormone replacement therapy she discovered it was stunting her training even more. She went to a naturopath begging for help and that’s where she was introduced to a ketogenic diet.

Desperate for a change, Leanne who was a vegan and whole-foods...

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Episode 30 - Benefits of an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

We’re pleased to welcome Functional Medicine Practitioners, Doctors Mark and Michele Sherwood, to talk with us about how to live and benefit from an anti-inflammatory diet.


Dr. Michele Sherwood began working in functional medicine after she began noticing that she addressed her patients more by their specific medications or diseases, instead of by their names. She had earned a naturopath degree before medical school and was now realizing she was simply prescribing maintenance medicines to her patients; a type of “band aid”. She discovered a dramatic improvement in her patients and in her practice when she began to look at the root cause and their life as a whole; including nutrition, activity level, hormonal balances, stress, and sleep patterns which can feed into sickness and disease.

Mark and Michele, besides being married, also have a wellness-based medical practice. They work with genetics, excessive fat reduction, medication reduction and...

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Episode 29 - Is a “Gluten Free” Diet Just a Fad?

This week we bring back regular guest, Dr. Jerome Craig, to teach us all about living a gluten free lifestyle. As you may know, Dr. Craig is the voice, vision and wisdom behind many of our Fitlandia webinars.

Today we’re talking about being gluten free and asking if it is just another diet fad or truly beneficial for our health. If you’ve listened to previous Fitlandia podcasts you know we’re passionate about bringing credible, science-backed information to our listeners - no more fads, no more diets, no more quick fixes. So, this gluten free thing is a hot topic right now, and was initially thought to be healthy. But now there’s a backlash about the research, or lack thereof about the health benefits of eating gluten free.

So, we posed this question to Dr. Craig, “Do you believe being gluten free is a diet fad?”

He tells us that it’s become a very popular way of eating. The statistics show that 20 million Americans are eating gluten...

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Episode 4 - Nutritional Ketosis With Dr. Jerome Craig

Today Christa welcomes expert practitioner Dr. Jerome Craig to discuss nutritional Ketosis. Before jumping into the topic Dr. Craig discusses his profession and what it means to be a functional medicine practitioner. He explains functional medicine as getting to the root cause of something. Instead of treating a condition, he looks for the root cause which can range from nutrition, lifestyle, genetics, and more.

Nutritional Ketosis

Dr. Jerome Craig defines Nutritional Ketosis as switching yourself from being a sugar burner (which most of us are) to a fat burner. He says many people misunderstand this as being low-carb or high-fat, (and while those are true to some extent) he says nutritional ketosis is more about switching to a state where you’re burning fat as your primary fuel and creating ketones that will fuel the brain and the body.

Many of us lean on carbs as a primary fuel because they’re accessible and fast, but nutritional ketosis is about switching our body...

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Episode 17 - New Year's Resolutions Part 5: Start with a Healthy Gut With Allison Nichols

In the 17th episode of the Fitlandia Podcast Christa is joined by Allison Nichols for a discussion on gut health and how it can impact your wellness.

Healing yourself from the inside out

Allison is a holistic nutrition counselor who works with people to improve their gut health and help them break free of the diet cycle, “healing yourself from the inside out” as she puts it. After graduating from college Allison existed on a diet of Kashi cereal, yogurt, and fruit in an attempt to be as thin as possible. Meanwhile, she was struggling with horrible digestion problems to the point where her gut began to control her life. She started to notice that no one else was acting like her. Nobody else was in constant pain, or feverishly keeping track of restrooms for future reference. Allison realized what she was doing for weight loss was actually negatively affecting her body. She realized that there’s more to health than weight, and there’s a connection between what...

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Detox Supplements for Support

The concept of “detoxing” and using detox supplements may seem to be a trend, as it has become very popular lately and has gotten a lot of media attention as well. The truth is that detoxing has been around for a long time - a really long time, _really, really, really, long, long time!_ 

Detoxing the body has been a central concept in two of the world’s oldest healing systems: Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. In this post I’m going to cover - and hopefully demystify - detox support (for example, supplements), rather than go into great detail about specific detox habits and practices.

I will identify some of the most common supplements, and if you’re interested I suggest researching them in greater detail. This may not be the most exciting article but I believe the info will be welcomed and useful - I will try to keep it concise and productive, so here we go:

While detoxing there are basically two primary...

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The Secret to a Healthy You: A Healthy Gut

By Jennifer Oechsner of Warrior-Flow.com

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I often talk to my clients about gut health. I firmly believe that good health starts with the gut and that poor health can often be traced right back to it. Both nutrition and lifestyle have a large impact on this system and determine your vitality, quality of life and lifespan.

The gut is more than just your stomach. The gut, or gastrointestinal system, consists of your esophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine. Your gut breaks down food and facilitates nutrient absorption, but it also houses 80% of your immune system and 95% of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Roles of serotonin include regulating mood, sexual function, appetite, learning and memory. An unhealthy gut can cause a wide range of health problems including depression, autoimmune disorders and digestive disorders and has even been linked to autism spectrum disorder.

An important factor in...

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Boost Your Immunity

Boost Your Immunity

Your immune system is your body’s natural defense system against foreign invaders like parasites, bacteria, viruses, microbes and toxins.  It is designed to differentiate the cells that make up your body and eliminate the ones that are foreign.   Your body uses an army of white blood cells to defend itself.   Macrophages, a type of white blood cell found in almost all cells of the body, are constantly patrolling your body, looking to destroy any germs as soon as they enter. These cells are considered your ‘natural’ or inborn immunity. However, if an infection begins to take hold, your body fights back with the more powerful, specialized T- and B-cells. These cells give you acquired immunity because they remember the germs that attacked you in the past, so that same germ can never make you as ill again.  Nourishing your immune system is very important for your overall health.

Foods to Boost Immunity

  • Improve your gut...
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Magnesium (and other tips) for constipation

OK, nobody really enjoys talking about their poo, but more and more you’re hearing about the importance of daily bowel movements - and according to The American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons, 80% of us suffer from constipation at one time or another.

You know the importance of hydration and fiber intake (25–30g/day), but you could have a magnesium deficiency contributing to the problem, as well.

I just completed the “Nutritional Supplementation” class for my certification program toward becoming a Nutritional Therapist and we talked a great deal about the benefits of magnesium and the surprising statistic that it’s the second most common nutrient deficiency, right behind Vitamin-D.

So I wanted to share my personal protocol I used to help with more regular BMs. It was met with AMAZING results!

Imbalance/Disease chosen: Chronic Constipation

Summary of Pathology, Symptoms, and Risk Factors:

I’m a 42-year old female who has...

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