In this exciting episode, we are cracking the code to a healthy lifestyle with Christa King. Christa talks about how retreats have been a key part in her transformation with unlocking this code.



Hi, I’m Christa King and I’ve cracked the code to making healthy habits stick by learning how to rewire my mind through my recovery is a burned out corporate exec to becoming a certified hypnotherapist and nutritional therapist.


I was 50 pounds overweight, drinking a bottle or two of wine every night, working 70 hours a week, traveling three to four weeks out of the month, all while my mother was suffering from severe mental illness 3000 miles away.


Once I unlock the secret, I started with myself losing and now maintaining 30 pounds of weight, but weight loss aside, it was my mind that had change. Weight loss was a byproduct.


I asked myself, how do I share the stories of people who have made massive changes in their lives by merely stepping out...

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How to Create a Wellness Vision that Inspires Positive Change

How to Create a Wellness Vision that Inspires Positive Change

By Carrie Billings, MA, CHWC

If you want to improve your health and wellness, it’s vital that you create a realistic plan that will inspire and motivate you to move forward on the path to positive change.

The first step in developing that plan is to create a personal wellness vision by imagining the future you desire and putting it into words.  Follow these steps to help you develop yours:

  1. Identify what motivates you.

What are your unique motivators?  Take some time to identify the things that motivate YOU.  Some examples might be:

  • Setting a good example for your children or grandchildren.

  • Staying healthy so that you can be active or travel in retirement.

  • The desire to feel less stressed and more energetic.

  • Make it realistic, but aim to stretch a little from where you are now.

Your vision should be attainable, but not so easy that little to no...

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Conquering Seasonal Affective Disorder

Disclosure: This article contains sponsored links with companies we believe support our values and mission. The small compensation we receive goes toward keeping our mission to end dieting alive at no cost to you!

Seasonal transitions and seasonal affective disorder can be difficult even for the healthiest of people. During the winter days are shorter, Vitamin D is in short supply and we tend to hide in our homes and socialize less because of the cold winds and snow that can plague us during the winter months.

Maintaining balance through these transitions is critical to our health and wellbeing. If we let winter get the best of us and don’t care for our bodies the way we should, an imbalance can occur and physical symptoms like colds, the flu, coughs, skin problems, insomnia, seasonal allergies, or aches and pains can begin or worsen.

Imbalances during these transitions can also bring about psychological and mood disorders like SAD (Seasonal...

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Positive Self-talk Practice

Positive Self-Talk Practice

Just in time for New Year’s resolutions! Kelli von Hedeykampf from West Metro Hypnosis teaches us how to easily incorporate positive self-talk into your daily (or shall we say, twice daily, routine).

The power of positive self-talk is limitless. We invite you to list out your goals in advance and note your “before” state. Practice this for 30 days straight, then note your “after” results.

We can’t wait to learn what amazing transformations have come to you through this positive self-talk practice!

Feeling stuck in reaching your fitness goals and what a more comprehensive, holistic approach? Visit https://www.fitlandiafitness.com/online-fitness-join-now/ to watch the brief Intro to The Core Program.

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