Episode 28 - Stories of Transformation with Gina & Kris Robert

Long-time (30 years!) friend of Christa, Gina Robert and her husband Kris, join the Fitlandia Podcast to talk about their incredible lifestyle overhaul. They’ll share how they managed to make amazing healthy changes in spite of both of them having full-time jobs and 4 children, 2 of them under 10! This episode is filled with laughs as they all speak openly about what it takes to make a permanent lifestyle change.

The show opens with Christa cracking up as Gina says, “She looks just like she did in high school, except without the bangs.” After the ladies recall they’ve known each other for over 30 years, first meeting in high school, they settle in to talk more about their collective fitness journeys. Through the power of Facebook, they’ve been able to watch each other’s transformation over time.

Kris shares his story of growing up in sports and how he started to lose his healthy fitness habits in college to focus on his studies. He also...

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Willpower is a Myth and a Lie. Learn How to Change Your Habits for Good!

Holding onto the thought that willpower will help you create a permanently, healthy lifestyle is myth and a lie. But we’ve got a solution to help. It’s called Mind Zoning®.

Flashback. We’ve all been there. The dinner party with friends filled with plenty of hors d’oeuvres and drinks that smell and look so tasty.

You glance at the table of snacks just to see what is there. You note that only a few options are healthy and would fit within your lifestyle choices, but you grab some of the others too.

Mentally, you know you have chosen poorly, but “You just can’t seem to help it in those social situations!”

Flash forward. Now, if this situation sounds somewhat familiar to you, don’t feel bad. This situation is more common than any of us would like to admit.

But why couldn’t you just choose the healthy options? Why couldn’t you pass up the snacks outside of your lifestyle choice? Why did your willpower fail you?


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Episode 4 - Nutritional Ketosis With Dr. Jerome Craig

Today Christa welcomes expert practitioner Dr. Jerome Craig to discuss nutritional Ketosis. Before jumping into the topic Dr. Craig discusses his profession and what it means to be a functional medicine practitioner. He explains functional medicine as getting to the root cause of something. Instead of treating a condition, he looks for the root cause which can range from nutrition, lifestyle, genetics, and more.

Nutritional Ketosis

Dr. Jerome Craig defines Nutritional Ketosis as switching yourself from being a sugar burner (which most of us are) to a fat burner. He says many people misunderstand this as being low-carb or high-fat, (and while those are true to some extent) he says nutritional ketosis is more about switching to a state where you’re burning fat as your primary fuel and creating ketones that will fuel the brain and the body.

Many of us lean on carbs as a primary fuel because they’re accessible and fast, but nutritional ketosis is about switching our body...

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Episode 20 - Stories of Transformation: Queing Jones

Positive thinking and affirmations led Queing Jones down the path to a full body and mind transformation. After a pivotal moment by the lake, she made a promise to herself to be better – to change from the inside out. Fitlandia and Mind Zoning® helped her realize that lasting change starts with the mind.

A Walk by the Lake

Growing up, Queing was uncomfortable with her size. She would cringe at the not-so-cute clothes in the plus size section as a little girl. In college, she compared herself to the other girls in her dorm. The more she focused on the number on the scale, the higher it seemed to go.

During the summer of 2014, Queing was experiencing several unfortunate life situations at once – she lost her job, was moving, going through a breakup and living off her savings to get by. One day she went for a walk by the lake next to her new place; the water made her feel calmer. She thought about how her conversations with herself were always so...

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Episode 19 - New Year's Resolution Part 6: Finding the Courage to Change With Kelli von Heydekampf

On the 19th episode of the Fitlandia podcast, Christa teams up with with a Kelli von Heydekampf for a special Interview/Mind Zoning® combo which will give you the courage to tackle change head-on. In addition to being one of Fitlandia’s practitioners, Kelli is a certified hypnotherapist running West Metro Hypnosis in Minneapolis.

The Courage to Change

Making a lifestyle change is similar to going through the stages of grief, people are faced with uncertainty, worry, and judgement. Generally, it’s easier to simply stay the course, so change isn’t something that people tend to embrace or run towards. While Fitlandia focuses on health, “the courage to change” isn’t restricted to diet, it can be applied to your professional life, your personal life, breaking out of addiction, literally anything that needs to happen.

Often we have an inner conflict with ourselves regarding change. We recognize that we want to be better, but question whether...

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Episode 18 - HIIT Workouts for Workaholics With Megan Benedict and Loren Castillo

On this episode of the Fitlandia podcast, Christa hosts her first ever three-person podcast as she welcomes Megan Benedict and Loren Castillo, two of Fitlandia’s partners and the creators of Fit Kitchen Direct, for a breakdown of the HIIT Workout.


HIIT stands for “High Intensity Interval Training” and is a workout style that’s gained massive popularity in the past few years, and for good reason. Christa, Megan, and Loren are all entrepreneurs which means (among other things) they lead hyper-busy, always-on lives. Unfortunately, that also means that simple things like cooking and exercise can fall by the wayside, but HIIT serves as a solution to that problem.

HIIT is a workout you can do at the gym, at the park, or even from your home. HIIT entails the exerciser doing one sort of movement at the highest intensity they possibly can followed by a short period of rest. According to Megan, who is also a personal trainer, “you should be doing it to the...

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Episode 17 - New Year's Resolutions Part 5: Start with a Healthy Gut With Allison Nichols

In the 17th episode of the Fitlandia Podcast Christa is joined by Allison Nichols for a discussion on gut health and how it can impact your wellness.

Healing yourself from the inside out

Allison is a holistic nutrition counselor who works with people to improve their gut health and help them break free of the diet cycle, “healing yourself from the inside out” as she puts it. After graduating from college Allison existed on a diet of Kashi cereal, yogurt, and fruit in an attempt to be as thin as possible. Meanwhile, she was struggling with horrible digestion problems to the point where her gut began to control her life. She started to notice that no one else was acting like her. Nobody else was in constant pain, or feverishly keeping track of restrooms for future reference. Allison realized what she was doing for weight loss was actually negatively affecting her body. She realized that there’s more to health than weight, and there’s a connection between what...

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Something Better Than Worry

In this Mind Zoning® sample we tackle worry. Relaxation is the anthesis of worry, and so often we let that negative emotion have power over us when there are an infinite number of better ways to spend that energy. Over the course of this 11-minute Mind Zoning® we find an isolated spot of relaxation in our body and slowly spread that feeling throughout.

This strategy for mental health is Fitlandia’s signature meditations and they key to elevating your mood and losing weight naturally.

Pro tips: Engaging your mind to support you is your most powerful wellness tool available. As you’re strengthening your mind, you can also support your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies with essential oils. If you’re new to using them, we recommend this Ultimate Reference Guide to Essential Oils Uses and Benefits to help you navigate this resource.

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Episode 16 - How My Speeding Ticket Can Inspire a Change in Fitness Perspective

On this very special episode of the Fitlandia podcast, Christa pulls inspiration from real-life as she recounts her tale of a recent speeding ticket and how it impacted her life.

Slow Down

During a trip from Portland to Bend, Oregon Christa was stopped on the highway for going about 20 miles over the speed limit. During the seemingly eternal period while the officer was running her plates, Christa was shaking, her heart was racing, and she was worried about what would happen next. She then took a moment to pause and reflect on what had just happened and she owned it. It was her responsibility, and there was nobody to blame but herself. It then occurred to her that she had an opportunity to check her own perspective, so she took it as a message from the universe to slow down.

After handing Christa the ticket (and giving her a hundred dollar break) the policeman told her “I hope your day gets better” in an apologetic tone. What Christa wanted to say (but didn’t...

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Episode 15 - Mind ZoningĀ®: Releasing Old Patterns

On this episode of the podcast, Christa attacks 2017 head-on. Listen and ready yourself to harness the full power of intention for your New Year’s Resolutions.

The Transtheoretical Model of Change

Before the Mind Zoning®, Christa discusses The Transtheoretical Model of Change and the stages that it is comprised of. In order to deal with change of any size, this widely-accepted scientific model explains how we prepare, accept, and ultimately integrate change into our lives. As depicted in the above link, the five stages of change are:

  1. Precontemplation (Not Ready)
  2. Contemplation (Getting Ready)
  3. Preparation (Ready)
  4. Action
  5. Maintenance

While it’s easy to look at a model like this one and see how change works, the actual application is much more difficult. Change of any kind can be daunting. Whether it’s your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, moving to a new city, or dealing with the loss of a loved one, the initial shift is always hard. Because...

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