Episode 99 - Exploring Moderation with Alcohol

Welcome to episode #99 of the Fitlandia Podcast. Today my guest is Evelyn DeDominicus from Connecticut where she believes by practicing in collaboration with other professionals they can develop a stronger connection with their clients. We are going to talk exploring ways to moderate alcohol; why it is important to understand our behaviors and habits associated with alcohol.



I have to be perfect when really the intention is to help figure out what foods work best for your body and doing a clean elimination and then at the end adding foods back in one at a time. And it is, it’s the same whether it’s any kind of reliance…


I started off saying, I’m the type of person that’s on or off, right? I’m like a light switch. And so if I start to say to myself, I’m the type of person that can take it or leave it. And that’s empowering. That’s an empowering statement, right?


You’re figuring...

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Episode 98 - Manifesting Your Dream Life by Aligning with Your True Self

Welcome to episode #98 of the Fitlandia Podcast. Today my guest is Frank Gjata from Conscious Ink founded in Bend, Oregon. Today, we are going to talk about why manifesting your dream life by aligning your true self is important for your building a positive mindset.



It’s one of the things I say when we do this practice of reframing negative thoughts into positive is that you don’t have to believe the statement, but imagine what it would feel like the emotions that would come up if you believed it fully and completely.


And so the invitation again is just to allow those feelings to breathe and allow them to go through. Now you’re making a big shift right then and there and it will open up space for the new thought pattern to be put in.


Take three deep breaths and just literally imagine like this elevator coming out of your mind and but down below your throw and literally into other parts of your body and just start to notice what you feel...

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