Episode 102 - Beating Addiction Forever

In this exciting episode the best Addiction Specialists, Dr. Adi Jaffe and I are digging our heals into ending the shame and embarrassment related to reliance on sugar, refined carbs and alcohol.

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Now onto the show!



I went and got my masters at Cal State in Long Beach and then my Phd at UCLA and psychology and neuroscience and psychology and not in statistics and you know, continued to the point where I am now where I started a company called ignited that has sensory self help and addiction specific courses and workshops.


It’s going to be more work for others, for some than others, might be more complex, might be more healing work from some of our traumas that we experienced, you know, certainly the move that you made, a new culture, new...

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Episode 1 - Intro to the Fitlandia Podcast: My Story



On this inaugural episode of the Fitlandia Podcast, Christa King shares her personal fitness journey, tells you what to expect from the show each week, and how you can put an end to dieting. Christa’s story serves as a prime example of how our environment, negative emotions, and life stressors can create a self-reinforcing process of unhealthy patterns. Her story is also an example of how making a healthy lifestyle change and the power of positivity can end the cycle of yo-yo dieting and result in permanent weight loss.

 After years of climbing the corporate ladder, stressors and chaos overwhelmed Christa’s life. This imbalance of time and energy led her back into old patterns and she began to rely on food and alcohol as a release. In an attempt to regain control she tried everything from dieting programs to synthetic hormones. These resulted in short-term weight fluctuations, but nothing ever stuck because she was hopping from one short-term solution...

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My Sober Year - Week 16

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it’s been 16 weeks since giving up the sauce and yet it seems like 16 years at the same time. It’s been quite a journey thus far!

The Journey to Health…

…is just that - a journey! It’s not always an easy one either. Remember I had 32 reasons to give up alcohol. Because I’ve been sober for 4 months now I’ve made MASSIVE improvements in my physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and even financial well-being. That being said, I still have a few stubborn issues remaining and I’m working vehemently on them with my naturopath and now an acupuncturist, as well.

Finding the Will to be Resilient

Considering all that I’ve removed from my diet I _should_ (such a dangerous word, I know) be the picture of health:

  • alcohol
  • sugar
  • processed food
  • store-bought flours
  • gluten
  • caffeine

Struggling with a few remaining items on that list can be exhausting and I’ve even succumb to the “woe...

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My Sober Year - Week 10

It’s amazing how in tune you become with your body and mind through a detoxification process. Week 10 of My Sober Year felt like all ailments were amplified as my attention tuned into my physical body after loads of mental/emotional work. I guess it was time!

A Trip to the Naturopath

Several of the 32 reasons I gave up the sauce (and sugar, gluten, processed carbs, and caffeine) were being addressed with my amazing naturopath beginning 8 months ago. Some of those included: insomnia, constipation, low libido, and cravings to name a few. I certainly knew making radical changes to my diet and cutting out alcohol would undoubtedly support these getting better.  But with all that was resolving physically, I became hyper aware of issues that continued.

I was working out 6 days a week through a mix of yoga, strength training, and aerobic classes, yet when I did my weekly running routine I noticed by heart rate was skyrocketing up to 165 BMP at...

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My Sober Year - Week 9

My Sober Year - Week 9

Week 9 of My Sober Year brought a new challenge to light. I’m not fearful of the upcoming St. Patty’s Day celebrations, or even NCAA March Madness outings. It’s the onset of good weather and here in Portland, that’s something MAJOR to celebrate because it means our sunny season (yes, we do have sun!) starts and everybody is out to enjoy it.

Missing Out

Sunny season in Portland means sitting outside on the sidewalk of your favorite restaurant-bar-lined street drinking your favorite spicy margarita, followed by a stroll up the street to the best gourmet ice cream in our fine country. As I walk along our awesome neighborhood streets with AJ & Bandit, I’m faced with “missing out.” Sure I could sit at the local pub and drink my soda water, but again I’m being honest, I miss sitting out in the sun having my favorite cocktail with friends, just shooting the breeze.

The Fear Realized

In preparation for My Sober...

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My Sober Year - I'm still off the sauce!

Still Sober

I’ve been absent for a while and I hope you didn’t think that was because I let go of My Sober Year! I didn’t. I’m still sober and thrilled.

It’s now coming up on Week 8 and I feel like I owe you all a big explanation as to why I’ve been silent, as well as get you caught up. My last entry was a whopping 5 weeks ago!

My First Sober Vacation

Believe it or not, I can’t honestly recall a time when I went on vacation and didn’t drink…since I started drinking. I’m 42 and I started drinking before I was 21 - ouch. Saying it like that sounds terrible, but I will refrain from harsh self-judgment - HA!

My husband and I won a trip to Telluride, CO, our favorite place on earth and we have our favorite traditions when we go there like visiting the local “watering holes.” We got engaged there nearly 3 years ago and right after I said “yes” we enjoyed the Champagne of...

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My Sober Year - Day 13

Day 13 of My Sober Year is a real b#@*h. I knew going into this not every day was going to be butterflies and rainbows and I’ve certainly hit an “ugly” day…so I’ll share it with you in hopes to help you get through your b$%&h days of being sober or getting through an elimination diet.

A 180 from Day 7

Emotionally, I’m a feeling a complete 180 from Day 7. I’m struggling to see anything outside of what I can’t eat or drink. Remember, I’ve also wiped out sugar, refined carbs, caffeine, gluten, and most dairy.

I’m filled with angst as I added a Bike and Brew Tour for our friend’s birthday this week. I knew this was coming, but it’s hitting all at once. I also sent my hubby off for the weekend to work on his passion for adventure photography and I’m alone with all of my thoughts and feelings, which for an extrovert is quite difficult, but I know this is all part of my journey. It’s a chance...

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My Sober Year - Day 7

Dear Day 7 of My Sober Year, I love you! All of the fears I had about not doing this for a year are completely gone, at this present moment. When I started this journey I wrote out 32 reasons to take a full year to be sober. These have become my constant motivators. But I was wise to list out all of the things I was afraid of while doing this. It helped me prepare ahead of time to ensure my success. Planning is everything, right?

Reasons for NOT Doing a Full-Year Sober

So here are (were!) my fears about this journey:

  • Massive cravings

Oh and I mean massive. As mentioned previously, I had been struggling to do any sort of cleanse for more than a week. The cravings, triggers, and opportunities were too great. Adding in a clean, whole foods, no sugar elimination diet along with my supplementation protocol have been my saviors and have prevented so much unnecessary agony.

  • Changes to my social life and friendships

Yes, some of my friendships were based on plain-ole...

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My Sober Year - Day 5

Day 5 of My Sober Year has me feeling like Julie Andrews spinning on a mountain top meadow in the Sound of Music. The hills are alive and so is my body! And my mind! And my soul!

This Part of the Post May Gross You Out (skip ahead to My Results if you’d like)

My nutritionist pals and I talked about our poo all the time, but if poo-talk isn’t your thing, skip down to my current results for the not-so-nasty stuff. Here we go! So around Day 2 of cleaning out alcohol, sugar, refined carbs, most dairy, gluten, and caffeine, I noticed my poo was foul-smelling. Sure no one’s poo is pleasant, but this was a noticeable change. I could only equate it to the Candida die off that had begun. Our nutritional program didn’t warn us about that, but my common sense confirmed it. On Day 4, my body had a major purge (4 flushes - sorry, gross, I know) and I must say the idea of getting this stuff out of me was very rewarding. It also got me thinking about giving up...

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My Sober Year - Day 4

Hello Day 4 of My Sober Year! Things just keep getting better…and got a little worse, briefly.

Other Eliminated Foods

It’s worth mentioning again that I’m also off sugar, refined carbs, processed foods, and caffeine for the first 30 days. I’m also going super light on the dairy. I know the removal of these pesky foods are contributing to how great I feel.

Mixed Bag of a Day

The day started off glorious with me feeling so well-rested after yet another night of good sleep and this beautiful sense of vitality. The only way I can describe it is that I feel “open” to all that’s available to me instead of blocked…and I mean this energetically. I kept the same protocol as outlined in Day 1 and all was great until about 5 PM when we started to prepare for a monthly potluck we host. My hubby and I had both hopped on the cranky-train and I had to reach into my bag of tricks to manage through an evening full of alcohol, cookies, and fresh-baked...

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