Chai Spice Cake - Guest Contributor Shana Groseclose

At Fitlandia, we promote moderation and this vegan chai spice cake will hit the sweet spot for that occasional treat. Our Guest Contributor, Shana Grosclese adapted this recipe from, who adapted it from She even veganized Martha Stewart’s ButterCream frosting!  

Let’s hear from Shana herself:

"This super-satisfying cake took me back to my days living in Nepal, where chai tea was on the offering several times/day.  To find a recipe that was already veganized made me especially happy.  Across South Asia, “chai” gets served a number of different ways - black with cardamom, sweet and milky with black pepper, biting with LOADS of fresh ginger.  So adjust the spices to your palette - if it smells delicious, it will be!

For this recipe, I added nutmeg, upped the amount of some spices, simplified the instructions, took the milk out of the icing, the almond...

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