Episode 20 - Stories of Transformation: Queing Jones

Positive thinking and affirmations led Queing Jones down the path to a full body and mind transformation. After a pivotal moment by the lake, she made a promise to herself to be better – to change from the inside out. Fitlandia and Mind Zoning® helped her realize that lasting change starts with the mind.

A Walk by the Lake

Growing up, Queing was uncomfortable with her size. She would cringe at the not-so-cute clothes in the plus size section as a little girl. In college, she compared herself to the other girls in her dorm. The more she focused on the number on the scale, the higher it seemed to go.

During the summer of 2014, Queing was experiencing several unfortunate life situations at once – she lost her job, was moving, going through a breakup and living off her savings to get by. One day she went for a walk by the lake next to her new place; the water made her feel calmer. She thought about how her conversations with herself were always so...

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Conquering Seasonal Affective Disorder

Disclosure: This article contains sponsored links with companies we believe support our values and mission. The small compensation we receive goes toward keeping our mission to end dieting alive at no cost to you!

Seasonal transitions and seasonal affective disorder can be difficult even for the healthiest of people. During the winter days are shorter, Vitamin D is in short supply and we tend to hide in our homes and socialize less because of the cold winds and snow that can plague us during the winter months.

Maintaining balance through these transitions is critical to our health and wellbeing. If we let winter get the best of us and don’t care for our bodies the way we should, an imbalance can occur and physical symptoms like colds, the flu, coughs, skin problems, insomnia, seasonal allergies, or aches and pains can begin or worsen.

Imbalances during these transitions can also bring about psychological and mood disorders like SAD (Seasonal...

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How to Generate Positive Vibrations

Using a pendulum, our Premier Practitioner Kelli von Heydeykampf shows us the vibrational power of our thoughts. Since human have a negative bias, it’s a great exercise you can do right at home to experience your own negative or positive vibrations. This technique can help you become more conscious of the power of your thought patterns and help you increase your overall positivity. Positive thoughts = positive health!

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