Episode 4 - Nutritional Ketosis With Dr. Jerome Craig

Today Christa welcomes expert practitioner Dr. Jerome Craig to discuss nutritional Ketosis. Before jumping into the topic Dr. Craig discusses his profession and what it means to be a functional medicine practitioner. He explains functional medicine as getting to the root cause of something. Instead of treating a condition, he looks for the root cause which can range from nutrition, lifestyle, genetics, and more.

Nutritional Ketosis

Dr. Jerome Craig defines Nutritional Ketosis as switching yourself from being a sugar burner (which most of us are) to a fat burner. He says many people misunderstand this as being low-carb or high-fat, (and while those are true to some extent) he says nutritional ketosis is more about switching to a state where you’re burning fat as your primary fuel and creating ketones that will fuel the brain and the body.

Many of us lean on carbs as a primary fuel because they’re accessible and fast, but nutritional ketosis is about switching our body...

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Episode 17 - New Year's Resolutions Part 5: Start with a Healthy Gut With Allison Nichols

In the 17th episode of the Fitlandia Podcast Christa is joined by Allison Nichols for a discussion on gut health and how it can impact your wellness.

Healing yourself from the inside out

Allison is a holistic nutrition counselor who works with people to improve their gut health and help them break free of the diet cycle, “healing yourself from the inside out” as she puts it. After graduating from college Allison existed on a diet of Kashi cereal, yogurt, and fruit in an attempt to be as thin as possible. Meanwhile, she was struggling with horrible digestion problems to the point where her gut began to control her life. She started to notice that no one else was acting like her. Nobody else was in constant pain, or feverishly keeping track of restrooms for future reference. Allison realized what she was doing for weight loss was actually negatively affecting her body. She realized that there’s more to health than weight, and there’s a connection between what...

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Why You Should Eat Fermented Foods

Why You Should Eat Fermented Foods

By Megan Thompson

Gut bacteria has been a trending topic. It wasn’t long ago when the only way you could get your hands on Kombucha was to brew your own. Today, it can be found on the shelves of nearly every major grocery store. Adding fermented foods is a wonderful way to help get over stomach disorders and boost your overall immune system.

Before you slam the door on the idea thinking these foods smell strong and are an acquired taste, you might want to get the scoop on just how beneficial they can be!

Fermented Foods 101

If you’re wondering what exactly fermented foods are, there’s a simple explanation:

Natural bacteria found in food feed on the starch and sugar content of food, which then creates a byproduct called lactic acid. This process is referred to as lacto-fermentation.

During this time, a lot of good-for-you substances are created in the food, including b-vitamins, probiotics (in various strains), and...

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Leptin: The Hunger Hormone You May Not Have Heard Of

Leptin: The Important Hormone You Have Likely Never Heard Of

By Joel Wasmann

I gotta tell ya, it’s such an exciting time to be involved with human health and nutrition. We have so much new information these days and it is so empowering for everyone involved. Okay, that being said let me get started here with Leptin. Leptin is a hormone that was discovered fairly recently and although it is not completely understood we do have a fairly good idea of what it does. Leptin is known as the satiety hormone, as it helps our body realize when it is full. Leptin is made by our adipose cells and its function is to inhibit hunger. Leptin works in opposition to our hunger hormone, ghrelin.

It’s interesting that our fat cells produce this hormone (along with some others) which make our body fat actually act like an endocrine gland. You probably thought your body fat was just useless and lazy. Leptin communicates with the brain regarding fat stores and metabolism. When the system...

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