Detox Supplements for Support

The concept of “detoxing” and using detox supplements may seem to be a trend, as it has become very popular lately and has gotten a lot of media attention as well. The truth is that detoxing has been around for a long time - a really long time, _really, really, really, long, long time!_ 

Detoxing the body has been a central concept in two of the world’s oldest healing systems: Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. In this post I’m going to cover - and hopefully demystify - detox support (for example, supplements), rather than go into great detail about specific detox habits and practices.

I will identify some of the most common supplements, and if you’re interested I suggest researching them in greater detail. This may not be the most exciting article but I believe the info will be welcomed and useful - I will try to keep it concise and productive, so here we go:

While detoxing there are basically two primary...

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Dandelion Root Detox Tea

picture of a dandelion By Joel Wasmann

The Dandelion is used as an herbal remedy in European, Ayurvedic, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and oh yeah, its also a lawn weed.  The roots, leaves and flowers are all edible and very healthy, containing vitamins A, C, Potassium, Iron and Zinc, in much denser proportions than any other leafy green. The primary reason this flower is used worldwide however is for its bitter properties. “Bitter,” a taste that has become quite rare in our diet, is actually very important for our health. Our palate has a diminished  sense for the flavor “bitter” as salty and sweet have become increasingly and overly represented. Bitter naturally increases the flow of gastric juices including saliva in the mouth and bile flow which benefits the liver and gallbladder. Bitter flavors aid digestion but also help regulate blood sugar. Dandelion assists with these crucial functions especially well.

The Dandelion flower can be eaten fresh, just...

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