Episode 59 - I'm Not Perfect. I'm Not Your Guru

Warning, I curse in this one.

I’m so proud of this episode where I am 100% open and vulnerable about my personal fitness journey. I’m not perfect. I’m not your guru, but gosh darn it if I don’t work my a** off to keep myself and YOU moving forward.

Listen to my real journey about my everyday struggles and how I keep moving forward with my own goals!

Welcome back to the Fitlandia Podcast! We are excited to share more of Christa’s fitness journey to motivate and inspire our wonderful listeners! As Christa shares with us about her vulnerability and everyday struggles, she demonstrates how she keeps moving forward towards her own goals despite criticism from friends and family, as well as the temptations of the upcoming holiday season.

Since launching her fitness company, Christa says she has received a lot of interesting criticism and judgment from people who have witnessed her health transformation. Although unintentional, many of her friends and family...

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The Best Low Glycemic Load, Vegan Foods

UPDATED to include the best low-carb, keto-friendly veggies!

I had a friend reach out to me the other day asking for the best vegan foods that offer complex carbs and can be good to look for in restaurants and airports as she’s on-the-go, traveling frequently.

I immediately started to think about low glycemic load options that will keep blood sugar spikes at bay. Excessive cravings, weight gain, insulin resistance (leading to type 2 diabetes), and a host of other health issues can be blamed on refined carbs and sugar. I offered to make her a list of the best vegan foods to look for when cooking or eating out. Nuts, legumes, and whole grains are outlined here because I’m focusing on protein replacements in the vegan diet.

More About Glycemic Load

I found the best explanation of the glycemic load (v. glycemic index) on Wikipedia. It’s important to know the main difference between the glycemic load and index is that the load accounts for the...

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Mind ZoningĀ® for Weight Loss

Engage the Power of Your Mind for Healthy Weight Loss

You all know what it’s like when your mind is “in the zone.” You’re focused, relaxed, and on target. The act of day dreaming, meditation, prayer, and even hypnosis all have a similar impact on the brain; they help to slow down the activity, get you relaxed and focused so that you’re able to gain insight or change a behavioral pattern in the mind. We call it Mind Zoning®.

I’m about to share with you a super-easy tip you can use to support your own weight loss efforts without ever dieting.

Most of my friends have heard this story but I wanted to share it here and get it out to a broader audience in hopes that will help you on your weight-loss journey. In 2010 I was working to drop the remaining 30-pounds I had left to reach my goal weight. I was working out six hours a week eating a maximum of 1,500 cal a day. And I wasn’t losing a pound.

Feeling completely frustrated I sought the...

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