Creating Healthy Boundaries: 5 Tips to Give Yourself Permission to Be First

Every day in my work, my members and clients share with me their struggle to create healthy boundaries so they can make their health and fitness a priority. This challenge leaves them feeling resentful, overwhelmed, used, and missing out from the cognitive support that comes from living a healthy lifestyle. Bummer huh? But there’s a way out of it…

What Flight Attendants Can Teach Us…

You’ve heard it 100+ times…you must first put your oxygen mask on before assisting others.

So how does that translate into your fitness routine? Think about it. you’re not at your best unless you’re practicing the Four Cornerstones of Fitness:

When one of those items isn’t getting attention, we can feel less focused, more irritable, lower self-esteem, greater disconnect and overall sense of frustration and overwhelm.

So let’s get you feeling BETTER with these 5 tips to put yourself first…guilt-free!

1. Know You Are Worthy of Vitality

Allow me to give you a little Mind Zoning® Mantra to prime your mind. Just repeat to yourself, “I am worthy of giving to myself first so I can show up my best for others.”

There may be a part of you that struggles to believe that statement is true, but I want you to attach the EMOTION behind that statement IF you did believe it fully and completely. That is the formula for building a new neural pathway – have the thought, attach the emotion, rinse and repeat!

2. Get Organized

We all get overwhelmed by our to-do list, but an easy way to turn down the volume of the tasks at hand is to write out your to-do list with a twist.

Each down jot down: what I MUST DO today. Mine always include meditation, movement, and food prep because I know my brain will function optimally when I support it.

Then make a list of what you SHOULD DO that day…so still important, but not mission critical.

Lastly, make a list of what you COULD DO. These are last on the list and can easily be moved to the next day without too much worry.

3. Accept You Can’t Do It All…and That’s OK

I remember when my mom was in the hospital 3 years ago and my family just did not have the capacity to handle the day-to-day challenges that cane with her illness. So much was put on me to help manage her care from over 3,000 miles away.

I wish someone had told me, “Christa, you can’t do it all – and THAT’S OK.” At the time, I just didn’t have the capacity to give myself that level of self-care, love, and grace and needed someone to tell me that.

So let me tell you – “*|FNAME|*, you can’t do it all…and that’s ok. You’re doing your very best and you can ask for help.”

4. Ask for Help

What a great segue to ASKING FOR HELP.  There are loads of reasons why asking for help is straight-up brutal for some of us. I could do an entire retreat on it – LOL – but know this for now: we are wired to be a part of a tribe – to give help when we can and receive help when we need it.

It’s OK to be independent and still tap into your tribe (or find a new one) to help you break through obstacles and come up with creative solutions so you’re not completely burning out that beautiful brain of yours!

5. Set Strong, Healthy Boundaries

Oh lawdy, this is my personal area of opportunity to grow (don’t you love how even a negative can be positive?).  I was never taught good boundaries to take care of my emotions. In fact, at an early age, my extended family put WAY too much on my shoulders between the ages of 11 – 18 (well, really up to 42).

They didn’t maliciously do this. They just saw and appreciated my heart and talents and took advantage of them without knowing the damage it was causing.

Join The Mind Zoning® Academy: Setting Healthy Boundaries to Put YOU First

And so today, I get to practice putting ME FIRST…and I want to help you with that too if it’s a struggle you’re having. The next Mind Zoning® Academy will tackle this topic and get you into a safer place to explore creating healthy boundaries for yourself.

We’ve been there…completely and utterly overwhelmed by life. We imagine right now you’re in the cycle of giving more energy to work, family, friends and your to-do list than you do for what fuels your body, mind, and soul.

Let’s change that together.

In this powerful session of the Mind Zoning® Academy, we’ll teach you how to give yourself permission to set healthy boundaries so that you can put yourself first – guilt-free! Your session will be led by Certified Hypnotherapist, Nutritional Therapist, and Founder of Fitlandia, Christa King.

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What if I can’t make that date/time?

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What is The Mind Zoning® Academy?

Every month Christa will take you on a journey to explore the deepest parts of what is driving your behavior. You’ll be taught a technique to help you overcome mental obstacles to get your brain working for you instead of against you.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Questions? Contact Christa at [email protected]

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