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I’m a doctor, a medical doctor specializing in dermatology and I have always had an interest in nutrition. my passion is people who have autoimmune diseases of the skin. So we’re talking psoriasis and Lupus especially. And my interest is in how to help them from a lifestyle and nutritional perspective.


I was on a trip to Japan and friend of mine took me to a restaurant, a Buddhist Vegan restaurant outside of the city of Kyoto and I was served this bowl of noodles and they told me that it had virtually no calories and no carbohydrates and I just immediately thought, my goodness, you know, I couldn’t believe it at first.


So what’s amazing about that is that you’re getting mostly water when you when you eat the noodles. It’s 97 percent water but you’re getting a really potent soluble fiber that also acts as a prebiotic fiber. It’s ground into a flour and then mixed with water.


I’ll start just by saying that people have intolerances to all kinds of different foods and we could spend hours going on why that may be, but I think everyone owes it to themselves even if they don’t have an autoimmune disease to go on some sort of elimination diet because a lot of times people are in a situation where they, they feel fine, you know, but they don’t know that they’re missing out on another level of feeling good. They just have accepted that this is sort of, I feel good. They sleep decently,  everything about their lives in terms of how they feel about their own health seems fine, but often times when you get someone with just some minor complaints about something and you put them on an elimination diet, you know, no wheat, no grains, no sugar, no dairy, especially the dairy component, they start to feel so much better.


So pressure cooking gets rid of the lectins as well as the lectins that are found in nightshade plants. So nightshades are tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, so if you pressure cook them, it gets rid of this chemical that can irritate your gut and that can lead to some autoimmune types of things that, that can happen.


It’s one of the most empowering things I’ve ever seen because they realize that they become their own authority in their own health, which is really what we are. We’re born to be our own authorities in health. Yes, doctors are important and health advice is important, but those are just experts that people should be consulting. When it comes to making those decisions for yourself, you, you’re responsible for those decisions.


These perceptions that we have about challenges or obstacles are really these beautiful opportunities to just show up as the authority on our health. I absolutely love that quote. How empowering is that?

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