Episode 2 – Mind Zoning® 101

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Episode 2 – Mind Zoning® 101

Episode 2 – Mind Zoning® 101

What is Mind Zoning®?

In this episode of the Fitlandia Podcast, we introduce you to the process of Mind Zoning®. Mind Zoning® is like hypnosis or meditation for weight loss and serves to reorient negative thought patterns in your brain. Those negative thoughts are self-reinforcing, so if you keep putting off exercise because you’re too busy, then you’ll take it out on yourself and keep digging that hole deeper. The brain takes the well-worn path, and often that path involves managing stress with sugar, alcohol, and carbs in order to soothe. Mind Zoning® is what makes Fitlandia unique and serves as the first step in our member’s fitness journey. Rewriting these negative thoughts allows you to stop dieting, embrace the power of positivity, and make a healthy lifestyle change.

The Two Thought Patterns

There are two types of thought patterns: ones that you’re consciously aware of (I need to get groceries today) and ones that happen subconsciously (like tying your shoe). 90% of our behavior is driven by the subconscious mind. These patterns are developed over the course of our lives, and the more you repeat an activity or hold onto a thought, the deeper the path in our brain. So we’ve spent our entire lives reinforcing these activities and connections. Dieting doesn’t work, because it forces you to change your short-term behavior my eating differently, eating less, or exercising more. We focus on the mind first and lead up to these changes.

Create a New Blueprint for the Mind

Mind Zoning® is about creating a new path in your brain. One that combats stress and negative emotion with exercise, not food. This particular Mind Zoning® is called “The New You Now.” In it, you will take 20 minutes to close your eyes, relax, and visualize your future self. Everything from their physique to their posture, and energy. What will it take to become that person?blueprint-964630_1280

Giving yourself this mental blueprint is an important step in your fitness journey. This holistic exercise will use your mind to lose weight and help you figure out what needs to be done. The Mind Zoning® is broken down into four parts:

  1. First, we use a progressive relaxation technique which will help you relax your muscles and ease yourself into a relaxed mental state.
  2. Next, we will provide you with beautiful imagery and an environment to feel safe and empowered. In this state, you can more easily adopt these new thoughts and access your subconscious mind.
  3. From there we will give your brain a new blueprint to follow to support you on your fitness journey.
  4. You’ll leave feeling alert, refreshed, and ready for your next healthy step.

You don’t have to be “good” at meditation, this is simply a relaxing recording to help you along your fitness journey and aid you with making a healthy lifestyle change. Just let your mind follow the voices and embark on this first step in your fitness journey.

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