Today we welcome Maigen Thomas, a personal and professional development consultant, to teach us about strategic vitality and how to create holistic fitness in every area of your life!


Maigen helps people “be and do better.” With a strategy-based approach, Maigen helps her clients:

  1. organize thought patterns
  2. get clear on goals
  3. use only positive words
  4. discover core values
  5. create plan of actionable steps to receive results

“There’s a difference between being good at what you do and being good at business,” she says. Maigen found herself in a position of transition when she expanded a wedding information business and blog to a business for the wedding vendors to use. This enabled the photographer or the cake baker to focus on their specialty and she handled the business end of things.

As a development consultant, Maigen helps her clients turn their professional life around by building the strategy to get to the next step in a career, or to entirely change a career, to do whatever it is they want to do. From idea to execution, Maigen is very hands-on with her clients as they make their transition to a happy holistic life.

Build the dream, identify the steps, and be held accountable

Christa and Maigen connected several months ago and quickly recognized their similar approach with working with their clients. Christa’s focus is fitness and Maigen’s is business, but their strategies are practically identical. Christa is on the same journey as Maigen with the goal of improving people’s lives not only through health and nutrition but also by focusing on what other areas are in need of a vitality boost.

Fitlandia’s core values incorporate:

  • Healthy, nutritious food everyday
  • Positive thoughts
  • Movement
  • Community

Maigen encourages her clients to find someone, a peer, a consultant, or what she calls a “tribe” to bounce ideas off of. These people, or group of people, help to hold you accountable during times of transition depending on what your goals look like in specific areas of your life. These “tribes” may vary based on need or purpose, for example, you may have a tribe for work and a different one for fitness.

Want change? Here are your first to-do’s

  • Talk with someone – this doesn’t need to be a coach or a counselor, talk to anyone who makes you feel heard and honest.
  • Say “I’m not happy and I’m ready for change”.
  • Take in feedback (but with a filter) – recognize where other people are when they give you advice.
  • Get real with your goals.
  • Give yourself permission to continue down the road of happiness and growth – keep the commitment to yourself!
  • Find the supportive people that help you feel connected, safe and completely heard.

Don’t forget to request to be part of the Fitlandia group on Facebook. It is a closed group but is free and everyone is welcome to join our “tribe” of supportive fitness friends!

If you’re looking to make a big career move, pursue your health journey or simply aren’t happy with how your life is currently going, Maigen encourages you “get radically clear” about what you’d like your life to look like, what you want to do and how you would like to interact with the world. If you’re here with us in Portland, she will be talking about this at an upcoming free NedSpace event, “Do What You Love with Maigen Thomas” at 12:00pm on August 22, 2017 at 707 SW Washington St, Suite 1100.

She’s also working on a workshop “What does it mean to do what you love, while doing what you do,” which encourages and guides people to get in touch with their core values and see the reflection those values have in what you do or want to do. These personal core values dictate our friendships, our decisions, our personal and business relationships and subconsciously make those career life decisions for us. Maigen finds it incredibly enlightening helping people get focused on their core values in order to define their ultimate goals.

For her, she describes her core values as being perseverant and determined, with a need to complete service to others. Maigen is happy by helping others reach happiness, protect their legacy and feel truly fulfilled.

Christa, on the same wave length, describes her core values as being a resilient guide for others, helping people tap into their subconscious minds to achieve more than their conscious minds ever imagined while continuously working towards her bigger purpose to help people along their fitness journey’s even when getting knocked down.

How do I determine my core values?

Maigen helps her clients determine the values that drive them and move them forward in life by looking at the setback moments you barely managed to get through, compared to the euphoric seasons where everything seemed to fit in to place. The beliefs or thoughts that carried through each of these times are engrained in you and will continue to move you forward.

If you’d like to learn more and gain more vitality in your own life stay tuned for Christa’s newest project, a book called “Strategic Vitality: The 11 Small Steps to Big Transformation” a collaboration of small things we can do, using strategic approach to help us take action and ownership with our health and wellness goals.

To be a part of the book launch’s first release, send Christa an  email with “BOOK LAUNCH” in the subject line. Also, make sure to stay in touch with Maigen through her website or shoot her an email for any support or to set up your free 20-minute consultation appointment!

Want to be a part of my book launch to provide feedback and get a FREE copy once it’s ready? Email Christa at [email protected]!

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