Welcome back to the Fitlandia Podcast! Today, Christa treats us with a Mind Zoning® session to help us tackle that “setback bug” once again. As we talked about previously with DeShawn Fontleroy, of Sports Mastery during Episode 45, slip ups are sometimes unavoidable, but becoming aware of the behavior and the reason for why you fell back into an old pattern is crucial. Harnessing the power of your mind through Mind Zoning® and working to forgive yourself helps you quickly recover from a setback so you can continue to move forward towards your goal. Whether you missed a workout or a handful of workouts, gave into those cravings or simply stayed in bed too long and didn’t have the productive day you’d planned, this Mind Zoning® session will help you get back on track, every time.


While allowing your eyes to close, take three deep breaths in and slowly exhale out

Clear away any worry, frustration or busyness from the day

Be at peace in this moment

Tap into that deep knowing of your mind, the beautiful part of you, that knows how to forgive yourself

That knows that in every experience, even the negative ones, there are

insights to be gained and lessons to be learned

In this moment, we are focused on recovering from a setback

Invite the mind to recall a recent setback where it didn’t feel like it was on its path to achieving its goals

Maybe binge eating?

Missing a workout?

Falling back into an old pattern?

Well, you are here today

Call at this time to reengage the mind and move forward in your goals

It’s all about forgiveness and understanding

Reflect on what triggered that event or the old pattern

What allowed you to miss a workout or choose a food that you later regretted?

Reflect on that time

Visualize yourself moving forward

Knowing that was a temporary moment in time

But you’re here now

With everything within you to continue to move forward

You never again have to let a setback take you back to an old pattern

You can trust that you have a deeper desire

A wonderful plan for your mind, body and soul

The growth you’re doing, the fitness that you’re developing in your soul, in your mind and in your body

You can continue to move forward quickly and easily

Recovering from a setback like never before

Honoring what it was and releasing any shame or guilt in this moment

Let it be carried away as if a cloud was absorbing it and moving it further away from you

Honor the essence of who you are

That person who is moving forward

And anytime you need a reminder to release the shame or feel you’ve had a set back

Come back to this meditation

So, you can recover quickly and easily

And continue to give yourself permission to move forward

Seal it with one last deep breath and come back to the time and space of this beautiful day

Feel the awareness you have and the excitement to keep moving forward in your journey

You have everything in you to be successful

Ready to take your health to the next level?!

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