This is part 2 of our two-part series of top tips from the fitness experts attending the IDEA World Fitness Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Michael Boccio & Mike Soster

Michael runs BeachFit Long Island in Oceanside, NY, a small group TRX studio and Mike Soster runs Functions of Life out of Broadview Heights, OH where they specialize in American Ninja Warrior training for children 6 – 12.

Top Tips!

  • Start moving. Using a TRX system at home can be used by anyone
  • Get going with even a small step like doing a chore or going for a daily 5-min walk
  • Keep your thoughts positive!
  • Reframing thoughts through the power of Mind Zoning®
  • Engage the power of accountability
  • Connect with the Fitlandia Facebook group for accountability
  • Reinvent yourself and your relationships
  • Change something about your routine

 Shelby Stratton

Shelby is a yoga & group fitness instructor in Ft. Collins, CO and owner of the blog Live Fierce Wellness. Christa again asks what her top tips are to get over the hump of getting started with a healthy lifestyle. It’s no surprise she reinforces the common thread the others have:

  • Start with small steps – like reduce sugar v. going cold turkey cutting it all out
  • Try out the No Fools’ Detox to simply become aware of what you’re eating and how you’re feeling as an easy first step
  • Honor our personal approach to change, not one way works for everyone
  • Use yoga to develop a breath-work practice and to get out of your head and into your body for an emotional and physical cleanse
  • Take time for yourself to move – even if it’s just a for a few minutes as you build upon it
  • As Todd Durkin suggests, clear your mind first thing in the morning to start the day off right

Elizabeth Skwiot

Elizabeth is the founder of Cirque-it Fitness to help people get “Fit, Fun and Done in 45 Minutes” and bring the playground back to fitness. Her philosophy is that you can make great use of 45-minutes, focusing on a structured class that goes by super fast so that her clients have the best workout possible. She and Christa bond over their work to revolutionize the fitness industry and break through old paradigms. Elizabeth’s tips to include:

  • Take care of yourself and challenge yourself
  • You have permission to listen to your body
  • Go to the instructor at the beginning of class to let them know you may need to modify exercises
  • ADD, DON’T SUBTRACT. Then you can focus on what you can bring into your life to create an “upward spiral”
  • Reframing thoughts through the power of Mind Zoning®
  • Talk to yourself like you’re your own best friend.

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