Today we have the pleasure of introducing Ashley James to our Fitlandia podcast! Ashley is a massage therapist, Reiki Master, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) master practitioner and trainer, and does Time Line Therapy Hypnosis and Coaching. In addition to all this, Ashley is the bubbly podcast host of Learn True Health, where she interviews holistic health experts and doctors of Naturopathic medicine.


As a reformed dieter herself, Ashley says she spent her time beating herself up about her weight until she concluded that, “Diets don’t work because they go against our physiology.” As humans, for much of our history, we were hunter and gathers and now we’re supposed to cut our calories? It doesn’t make sense because our physiology tells us we have to eat and gain weight to live; it’s what we were designed to do.

“Diets don’t work because they go against our physiology.” – Ashley

After many years of stressing over her weight, Ashely was finally able to let go of the associating negative feelings and beliefs and now is excited to share with the world just how good it feels to eat healthy. She says, “When you’re excited and motivated to fuel your body with whole foods, your health will improve and that weight will eventually fall off.”

Life coach turned health coach, Ashley had to let go of the idea, or excuse, that she had to be a size 6 in order to pursue and inspire people as a health coach. She knew how important holistic medicine and nutrition had been in her life and she wanted share that with others. Holistic practices helped Ashley reverse her diabetes, eliminate chronic adrenal fatigue and monthly chronic infections and improve her fertility. After reaping so many of the benefits of Naturopathic Medicine, Ashley started pursuing it more seriously and began her podcast.

Not only does Ashley learn and benefit from the information shared by people she interviews, she says,“That it’s amazing to see the positive health shifts in her listener’s lives and it makes her excited for what they’re doing to reverse and/or to manage a variety of chronic diseases.” Bringing life to holistic health, Ashley found herself in a place of intense study of the mind and how it creates our behaviors and reality.

For years, Ashley has been dedicated to breaking the stigma that your body size and weight is a direct reflection of health. Instead, Ashley says she’s working to reinforce the blueprint with our brain for what we’re manifesting in our life instead of being solely interested in being skinny.

Ashley says, “If we are trapped in our mind, we will stay there no matter whether you’re a size 6 or 16. When we shift our mind and focus to be about health and not about weight and staying positive (no matter what the scale says) is what leads us to make healthy decisions. “

You have to be happy now and then celebrate when we have our results instead of waiting to embrace our lives and bodies when we are that size we think is right.

So, how do we reduce or eliminate anxiety?

Ashley explains that anxiety is often seen as a negative emotion like guilt, fear, sadness or anger which the feeling can be experienced again by thinking of a past situation that brings up these emotions. For example, being sad about the loss of a pet can make you feel upset even after the fact. However, with anxiety, the feeling cannot be re-experienced because it hasn’t already happened. It is not a negative emotion of the past but a completely different kind of emotion. Ashley describes it as, “the check engine light of our spiritual dashboard and our unconscious mind.” Anxiety can act as a survival mechanism and it’s a message from our unconscious mind to warn us of possible dangers. Our brain can’t differentiate what is imaginary and what is real and when we begin to think about a worst-case scenario of a situation, our body responds as if it is truly happening.

Ashley’s Technique to Completely Eliminate Anxiety Whenever You Feel It

Pick something in the future that you have anxiety around

On a scale 1-10 notice your anxiety level when thinking about this activity or thing

Close your eyes

Float up above your time line (past is in one direction and the future is the opposite)

Float 15 minutes PAST the successful completion of the event and look down at it

Imagine that you’re 15 minutes past the completion of what you were worried about and see where your anxiety is now

If anxiety persists, ask yourself if you focused on the successful completion and did you look forward 15 minutes past the successful completion?

If you didn’t – do that now

If you did – ask yourself what you are anxious about now and if it’s a deeply rooted issue

Repeat technique again

Ashley says, “We can consciously interrupt the pattern that will rewire the conscious programming of our brains.” This not only relieves anxiety but also allows your brain to do brilliant work when that event occurs because you already gave your mind that positive programming.

Like with Mind Zoning®, Christa says, “You don’t have to believe it or understand why for your brain to adopt it and for it to start manifesting in your day to day life.”

This time line therapy technique is amazing for rewiring your brain and you don’t need to have anxiety to use it. Ashley says she practices it while “habit stacking” where she adds a new activity to a series of activities she already does religiously every morning in order to make the new habit stick. While making her bullet proof coffee in the morning, Ashley imagines the successful completion of her day. Whether it’s a simple day of grocery shopping, a workout and making dinner, she imagines everything going perfectly. “If you’re continuously focused on the best-case scenario, your unconscious mind, the reticular activating system, will delete and generalize information in your favor so that you start to see the little times in your day that go right when you couldn’t before because you were running on an old belief system that deleted it.”, explains Ashley. “Your life will get better with this technique because you’re actually looking for the evidence to support it!”

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