Today we’re excited to welcome soon-to-be Holistic Nutritionist and Instagram celeb, Jasmine Galimov to the show! Jasmine’s Instagram, “@Berryfitt” is extremely popular and showcases her beautiful food creations which are not only vibrant, but nutrient packed. Jasmine describes herself as a “huge foodie” and that her passion for food is what made her Instagram so successful. She demonstrates how eating healthy can be easy and when it looks pretty, people are going to want to eat it!


Jasmine’s Tips on Perfectly Roasted Veggies:

  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees
  • Lay down a piece of parchment paper for easy clean up
  • Put veggies on baking sheet and drizzle them with avocado oil (with high heats you want to stay clear of olive oil so you can maintain the nutrients and structure of the oil)
  • Sprinkle veggies with Himalayan salt and roast for 10-15 minutes
  • Flip and bake for another 10 minutes and ENJOY!

Jasmine says, “My eating philosophy is to eat what my body needs.”

Jasmine got her undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado in Boulder, majoring in Communications with a Business and Philosophy minor. She realized after graduating that she still had no clue what she wanted to do. After taking a year off for some soul searching, she discovered that it had been in front of her the entire time. Jasmine explains that she’d spent her whole life consumed with searching for alternative, holistic remedies and she found her passion for nutrition and health through her own journey of learning about her body. Knowing she wanted to go down the holistic nutrition route rather than becoming a dietician, Jasmine was thrilled to find the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) here in Portland, Oregon and relocated immediately to attend the program.

Growing up, Jasmine remembers eating healthier than all her friends because her mom felt so helpless about her young daughter’s health issues. After years of being extremely sick, Jasmine was diagnosed with celiac disease in middle school. It was at this time that Jasmine and her family shifted to a healthier way of eating and lifestyle. Jasmine says her mom has continued to “nerd out” on holistic health and since then each of her family members has done their own exploration to find what best fits their individual body.

Jasmine says one of the most powerful principles she’s learned is that food is medicine. She says, “When finding what foods work for your body we hold all the power to heal ourselves in our kitchens.”

Why Shouldn’t We Wait Until the New Year to Get Healthy?

Jasmine explains that the mentality of needing to ‘get it out of your system’ while binging on unhealthy foods before getting healthy creates a horrible habit for people. This mindset makes it more likely that when we do slip up or enjoy certain foods that it can quickly take us down a binging spiral because we tell ourselves we’ll just start on Monday, or next week, or even next year.

Jasmine says, “Every day is a new day and a new opportunity to be focused on our health and to take care of yourself.”

Tips to Bounce Back:

  • Take 5-30 minutes each day away from your TV or social media to go for a walk, grocery shop or to cook healthy meals.
  • Christa and her husband like to do a three-day fast for a full mind, body reset whenever they’ve escaped their normal routine.
  • Jasmine tries to do what she can for herself, when she can, by being mindful, aware and present.
  • Whatever negative statement comes into your mind, reframe it and tell yourself the opposite message. Christa says, “Even if you don’t believe it initially, like telling yourself you have more than enough time in the day to cook and that you enjoy it. Just keep repeating it to yourself because ultimately your brain is going to create a new thought pattern and that new thought pattern is going to guide you in your day-to-day to go and do those things.”
  • Set good boundaries by recognizing how you show up for others and make it a focus to show up for yourself too.
  • Simplify by enjoying a whole foods’ diet so you don’t feel restricted or deprived.
  • If you’re finding that you still mainly crave processed foods, chips and cupcakes when you’re trying to eat intuitively, then a program designed to help you remove these types of foods is necessary to help you get out of that addictive cycle.

Christa is offering her 30 Days to Thriving program starting again in January to help you fight the hard battle against our reliance on refined carbs, sugar and alcohol. Make sure to sign up today if you’re ready to meet your healthiest YOU, while fighting against diseases and inflammation. Also, check out this past episode about redefining what it means for us to “diet”.

Jasmine encourages the listeners not miss out on upcoming holiday events and family functions but to simply do what you can to take care of yourself. She personally likes to meditate for five minutes when she wakes up in the morning to set herself up for a successful day. Jasmine also pre- her meals before going to an event so she’s not as tempted by unhealthy goodies. Lastly, she stays focused on gratitude; specifically how lucky she is to be celebrating and enjoying time with the people she loves. Being present and enjoying the moment feels good and fires up the brain’s reward center which helps us make healthier, happier choices.

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