Welcome back to the Fitlandia Podcast as we launch one more holiday episode for you to get you pumped and excited to make a healthy permanent lifestyle change before the new year arrives!


We encourage you to harness the opportunity of the new year to launch you into the healthiest you possible. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck or even just a little confused on where to start, this is the Mind Zoning® for you. For further encouragement and community to back you up every step of the way as you kick start your health journey, make sure you check out Christa’s nutrition and mindset program, 30 Days to Thriving as we launch January 2nd!

As with every Mind Zoning® session, it’s important to sit and lay back into a comfortable position and close your eyes.

Wherever you are let your body be fully supported

This is your time to release

To relax

To grow the desire to make a permanent lifestyle change

First, bring your awareness to the top of your head

Notice that you can release and relax

Your scalp

Letting go of any tension in your forehead

In your eyes

And cheeks

Letting your jaw be soft

Imagine that relaxation continuing down the back of your neck

Over your shoulders

Letting go of any tension from the day

Giving yourself permission

For just a few minutes

To truly relax

And embrace a new mindset

Continuing to release any tension in the arms

Or elbows

In the wrists

All the way down to your fingertips

Drawing attention to your chest

The rise and the fall

From inhaling

And exhaling

Releasing any tension in your belly

Letting it be soft

As you find a nice beautiful rhythm in your breath

Continuing that relaxation in your hips

Being fully supported

Through your thighs

Letting your knees relax and be soft

Through your calves

Your ankles

All the way down to your toes

Just imagine as relaxed as you are right now

You can become even 10x more relaxed

Just imagine this beautiful imaginary wave

Cascading over the top of your head

Covering your body, head to toe

Just surrounding you in relaxation

And calm

And peace

Allowing your mind to be wide open like a clear blue sky

Full of potential

Full of possibility

With a deep knowing

That anything is possible

When you engage the deepest part of your mind

And you can access that right now

Think now for a moment

What is it that you would like to change about your lifestyle?

Mentally list of everything that you’d like to change

With full possibility

If you had all the tools

Had all the resources to be successful

How would your lifestyle change?

Truthfully answer the question

What is stopping you?

Maybe you’re afraid to let go

Of a reliance

On sugar

Or alcohol

Maybe food has been a mechanism for self-soothing?

And you’re not sure what can replace that

Maybe you’re overwhelmed with your schedule

And can’t imagine fitting in one more thing

I want to assure you in this moment

That you fold the power in your mind today

To overcome any obstacle

It first starts by growing the desire to change

Imagine now

There’s a tiny seed deep in your mind

That we’re planting today

As that tiny seed is planted

Just like a plant

You can nurture it with water and food to help it grow

And you can best do that with positive thoughts

And as you listen to the words I share

Focus your attention

Visualizing that small seed deep in your mind

Knowing just like a plant with every positive affirmation

Its easy to make time for exercise

You can learn to enjoy cooking

You can find a dietary plan that’s perfect for your body and lifestyle

Just imagine that seed is growing into a plant

With the stems sprouting throughout

The leaves starting to bud

As it gets bigger with your mind with every affirmation

I am worthy of a healthy body

I deserve to put myself first

I am good at setting boundaries

Now notice how your plant is getting bigger

And taller

More leaves begin to fill your mind

This vibrancy and vitality grow with every affirmation

It’s nurturing that seed

Developing it into a strong plant

Roots that extend to every part of your mind

I look forward to daily movement

I love getting inspiration from my fitness tribe

I am successful at achieving any goal I can imagine for myself

And now imagine this plant that started as a seed

With every affirmation, grew its stems

Filling your mind with strong roots reaching out

Getting stronger and stronger

And you notice this desire is growing in you to make a change

Think about one small thing you can do today

That would tell you, “yes I am going in the right direction”

Commit to one thing today

That will serve your goal in growing the desire to make a healthy lifestyle

In a moment, we will come back

But for now, just imagine this beautiful, strong plant

A seed that we have planted

That you can cultivate and nurture and grow in your mind everyday

That only furthers your ability

And desire to change

You have everything within you that you need

Engaging the power of your mind

You may notice in the next couple days

That you have a desire to listen to this session again

And further grow that plant

In your mind

Growing the desire

To make a lifestyle change

Connecting deeply with all the physical benefits

All the emotional benefits

All the spiritual benefits

And the mental benefits that you will gain

By making a permanent lifestyle change

And that just continues to nourish the plant

Growing your desire everyday

When you’re ready take one last deep breath in

Locking in all of this amazing energy

Taking it with you for the rest of your day

Into your sleep

And when you’re ready you can open your eyes

Take a deep breath

Begin moving around

Allow the relaxation to take you into your day or night

Leaving this session feeling calm

And excited

For the potential of what’s to come

We hope you all this use this technique, every day, as we welcome in the new year and all the new opportunities to cultivate permanent, healthy lifestyles! As we foster that desire to become healthy, we will create a thought pattern that it’s easy and fun and attainable.

Christa is offering her 30 Days to Thriving program starting again in January to help you fight the hard battle against our reliance on refined carbs, sugar and alcohol. Make sure to sign up today if you’re ready to meet your healthiest YOU, while fighting against diseases and inflammation. Also, check out this past episode about redefining what it means for us to “diet”.


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