Happy New Year, Fitlandians! We are so happy to have you here as we start off this new year by harnessing the power of intention. When we can let go of the restrictions that come with those New Year’s resolutions, we can instead look forward to creating a revolution! So, if you’re ready to get back on track and reclaim your health and vitality but need a little extra support, today is the last day to sign up for Christa’s 30 Days of Thriving which begins tomorrow on January 2nd.


And today, for a little New Year’s inspiration, we are extremely excited to welcome Fitlandia’s “super fan,” Josh Cyphers to the show. Josh is going to speak with us about letting go of shame and getting your fit self back – for good!

Josh stumbled upon Fitlandia as he was exploring different approaches to fitness and health using a variety of diet and exercise methods. He says he was drawn to Fitlandia obviously because of the rad name, but also because he saw it as a “trifecta of wellness”; focused on nutrition, fitness and mindfulness. He realized that previously, one of those pieces was always missing from his routine and that’s why he never had any lasting success.


Growing up playing sports, Josh explains feeling as if he’d been on a diet practically his whole life. It wasn’t until he slowed down playing sports that he noticed how sedentary he had become and how his nutrition was lacking. He said that it began not only to affect him emotionally, but also physically in the form of weight gain, which he had never dealt with before.

Josh dabbled with different diets and exercise programs, but became increasingly discouraged and trapped in the yo-yo dieting trap. Recovering from an cycle injury, he says it resulted in indulging in sugary treats and beer, firing up the reward center in his brain. Josh explains that he reached a point when he was so frustrated from going from cycle to cycle and how it became extremely difficult for him to want to nourish his body and be good to it. For Josh, he ended up in a place of emotional and physical pain, making it hard for him to even get up in the morning to face the world. With the love and support of his wife, he made it a goal to start moving each day. With a list of 20 basic exercises he says he simply began to move, reminding himself to just take that one step.

Josh says, “The first step is always the smallest but the most important!”

Tips to Bounce Back

  • Think back to a time you felt really alive and happy and ask yourself how can you get there again. For Josh, this was playing football and even if he didn’t get back to playing the sport right away, he knew he had to start with basic daily movement. To help with this, Christa says “visualize and connect the emotion to that goal which will wake up your brain to that very thing and actions will start.”
  • Give yourself a realistic and strategic way of getting to your goal like Josh’s 20, one-minute exercises to just begin moving again. These small wins are how we create new thought patterns resulting in new lifestyles!
  • Find what sets you back and what pushes you forward.
  • Grow your community or “tribe” that allows you depend on them in times of need or of celebration; where you can all operate together.
  • Mind Zoning®! Focus on how to reprogram and change your thought patterns so when times get tough you don’t have thoughts of unworthiness or shame. Josh explains how he was able to let go of his self-worth being tied to playing football and eventually, he experienced more positive thoughts and was able to move forward in his life.
  • When you’re ready, be open and vulnerable to accepting help from others and let yourself lift others up as well.

Josh has come quite far as he describes waking up the day of the podcast with a “heart bursting of gratitude.” Since beginning his journey back to health, Josh says he now craves more movement and is always discovering ways to make himself eat and feel better.

We all have the power within and whether it’s joining our 30 Days of Thriving program or connecting with Josh and Christa in the Facebook group, we can’t wait to encourage each other this new year as we harness the power of intention.

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