Welcome back Fitlandians! Today we are talking to Alex Cunningham, Head of Partnerships for Perfect Keto health supplements, all about making healthy food choices and how ANY dietary strategy that is considered a health strategy can be unhealthy.


The Perfect Keto Story:

Alex explains how his health journey, like many journeys to health and wellness, began with rock bottom at age 23. It was then that he discovered Dr. Anthony Gustin and his blog which helped change his life from frozen meals and takeout to healthy food choices, creative cooking and an active, healthy lifestyle.

Perfect Keto was born from the transition that both Dr. Gustin and Alex took from a whole food and paleo lifestyle to a keto approach. During this transition they found less than ideal options for products to assist with Ketogenic eating. They wanted a supplement that not only assisted with ketosis but also tasted great, was made with clean ingredients, and was offered at a great price. What they didn’t find, they created and Perfect Keto was born.

What Makes Them Different:

Perfect Keto offers many types of products including Exogenous Ketones, Medium-Chain Triglycerides MCTs), and Collagen Supplements. These products are naturally sweetened with either Stevia or cocoa and are proudly free of emulsifiers or flow agents that are foreign to the body and can cause inflammation and bloating.

Alex suggests using Perfect Keto supplements whether you are eating keto or not and some of his favorite opportunities to use them include before a workout or in the morning for the Exogenous Ketones or anytime you need a great snack or are traveling for the MCTs. Some of his favorite flavors are Chocolate Sea Salt, Peaches & Cream, and their new Matcha Latte MCT Oil Powder. Be sure to check out all their amazing recipes, too!

How Health Can Become Unhealthy:

Christa and Alex discuss why a mindful health strategy is so important. Understanding your mind and body is the first step to making a change and coming at health without guilt, shame, and pressure brings about real and lasting changes to your food tendencies and cravings. The mind will follow the blueprint you give it. Give this Mind Zoning mantra a try:

“It’s easy for me to (desired healthy habit).”

Despite the good that many dietary food strategies can do, Alex and Christa also talk about how they have seen health strategies become unhealthy. You can be in a state of ketosis and still be unhealthy. A diet rich in macronutrients and quality foods is vital. You can also lose weight and still be unhealthy…avoid the processed snacks and focus on great variety, quality, and nutrient rich food choices.

If you are looking for a great way to stay accountable and mindful with your health goals, check out the Strategic Vitality Lifestyle Planner and Journal Christa created and launched this Fall. Not only does it help you keep track of your tasks, sleep, and focus, it also helps you mindfully check in with your hunger and emotions to stay on track and listen to your body.

Alex’s Ideal Health Strategy:

  • Start with a high quality whole foods diet with plenty of variety and macronutrients
  • Use Perfect Keto supplements as tools to support your healthy food choices
  • Do plenty of research to know and understand what you are putting in your body

The goal of Perfect Keto is not only to create clean and useful supplements but to promote real health strategies. They encourage supplements as tools…not the whole story. Perfect Keto’s amazing website doubles as a platform to spread health ideas and information for the greater good. Make sure to check out their comprehensive guides such as, The Ultimate Guide to Ketosis and to join their Perfect Keto Community Facebook Group to keep learning and growing in your health journey.

You can also stay on track and feel connected to a community of positive health by joining the closed Fitlandia Facebook Group and posting your food and health journey for encouragement and support!

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