*** Caution, we use some adult language in this episode!***

Today’s episode is a very exciting addition to the Fitlandia Podcast lineup! You are going to be SO thrilled to hear Kate’s special story of progress, transformation and courage.

Kate Kelly and I met through Dr. Jerome Craig, who has shared some of his amazing knowledge right here on the podcast previously, and we could not be more grateful or thrilled to have connected. Kate’s vulnerability and openness is a true inspiration for all of us and can move us each along on our own fitness and wellness journeys.

Kate’s Journey

Cheers to our journeys and instead of celebrating with red wine, today we are celebrating with our herbal teas! Kate and I have been talking and sharing our stories for the last few weeks and one thing that Kate mentioned that really stood out to me was that this time, her journey feels different. She is working hard and has begun the year by giving up alcohol for the month of January. She expressed how amazing it feels to have a tribe around her and how this time, “Wild horses could not make me drink alcohol right now.” She’s at a point in her life that she really feels in control of her habits and EXCITED about the fact that she has the power and gets to take a break from alcohol because she WANTS to! And believe it or not…it’s EASY for her right now.

I LOVE that passion and that fire!

Kate and I discuss how deeply connected so many parts of life are and how much clarity we have gained by giving up alcohol for even short periods of time. Not only does being sober seem to make facing depression and anxiety easier (with the help of amazing therapists, of course!) but our energy levels are noticeably higher, our clarity about life and goals is greater, and we feel more like our amazing selves each day.

The beautiful piece of these lessons is that it is YOUR individual journey. Comparing ourselves to others can be incredibly toxic…we need to learn to honor ourselves for where we are in that journey. If 10 days or even 1 day without alcohol is a huge accomplishment for you, own it! And knowing that we have the power and ability to make those choices is incredibly empowering.

On that same note, success is all about knowing yourself. What are your triggers? How do your habits (good or bad) form? How have you been nourishing yourself or sabotaging yourself? Checking in and being mindful and knowledgeable about yourself is SO important. Kate shared that she knows that it is very difficult to have just ONE drink…that once she has a glass of wine, she almost always has several more. We discuss how amazing that knowledge is! Just knowing those facts about yourself helps you stay mindful and stay on track and create a healthy relationship with your food, drink and habits.

Kate explained that she is learning to love the journey to a healthy lifestyle. In order to combat the frustration of giving up alcohol for the month of January, she created a list of choices she could make instead of choosing wine when she was craving a glass. (Things like, take a magnesium bath, do a burpee, update vision board and more!) This is a GREAT strategy and step we encourage you to take as well.

She talks about how this time she feels different, she feels empowered and clear and hasn’t had to rely on those distractions to want to stay that way…talk about inspiring! She attributes the ease of this transition to having ALL FOUR cornerstones present in her life at this time and the motivation her son provides her to be her best self.

“It’s not only a journey, it’s an exploration into yourself. It’s about becoming curious about our own bodies. We are learning and unfolding into our best selves everyday.”

Kate and Christa’s Tips for Transformation

  • Be Mindful and Notice: don’t forget to take a step back often and note what habits and tendencies you are expressing…and how you can note your triggers.
  • Be Gentle With Yourself: remember that you are learning and observing and improving upon yourself each day and that you are on a journey that takes time.
  • Build Yourself a Tribe: having a group of supportive and open individuals who are owning their own journeys is the difference between wanting change and dreading it.
  • Lean on Your Mantras: “It’s easy for me to be sober.” …and what would that feel like to believe that truly and wholly? Let that emotions saturate your body!
  • Let the Grief In: remember that the 5 stages of grief fit perfectly with the feelings we experience when making a lifestyle change. Know that and embrace the journey!
  • Turn Anger to Understanding: “There is an opportunity for me to learn in this moment and I embrace the lesson that this experience is giving me.” Release the anger and learn from it.
  • Own Your Own Journey: everyone experiences life differently and everyone’s body is different. Stop comparing yourself and be proud of your own journey and where you are today.
  • Release the Word “Should”: YOU are in control and you CAN and WILL make the change. You have everything you need available to you in order to be successful.
  • Embrace the 4 Cornerstones: the keys to making a lifestyle change are daily movement, good nutrition, positive thinking and community connection.
  • Know Your Why: what is your motivation and intention for being your best self? Maybe a pros and cons list can help you discover what you can gain from making change.

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Thank you so much to Kate for sharing her amazing story and strategies and to YOU, for taking the time to listen and move forward in your wellness journey!

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