Hello Fitlandians! Welcome to episode number 75 of our podcast where we are continuing our series on all the exercise movements available to us. Today we are talking all things yoga with the wonderful Jamie King.


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Without further ado, I’d like to welcome Jamie King to the show to tell us all about the wonderful world of yoga! Jamie is the founder and owner of Flex & Flow Yoga here in Portland, Oregon. Jamie gives us some details about her studio and her journey.

Flex and Flow is about 2 years old and located in Portland and we do everything from high energy power vinyasa to regular flow vinyasa to our signature workout which is called Hit and Flow. This is a high intensity workout that combines flexibility, endurance and strength training all in one amazing class. I like to call it “a gateway drug into yoga” for those like me who were endurance athletes and didn’t believe so much in the power of yoga previously. It is a great way to learn the language and feel of yoga but still get a great cardio rush at the same time.

Christa explains that this is the perfect yoga class for those who haven’t quite made yoga the practice it needs to be with consistency but still finds value in the movements. It sounds like a great way to learn more and transition into a more regular practice for those of us who identify as athletes, but not necessarily yogis.

On the flip side, it is also really great for those yogis who are familiar with yoga but want to do something that gets their heart racing faster but isn’t totally unfamiliar. It will challenge them in a different way but still stay within their comfort zone. It is designed to challenge and push everyone to work hard and feel great.

We focus on building functional strength and empowering everyone to work hard and practice to be their best and strongest self. Christa expresses that this is PERFECT for those like her who are working hard this year to improve strength and body composition this year.

So the wonderful thing about Jamie’s studio is that it offers such a wide variety of yoga classes for students of all levels. So what would be the class someone who is brand new to yoga be looking for?

An Intro to Vinyasa Flow or any regular Vinyasa Flow class is a great place for anyone to start and get comfortable with yoga. This class focuses on linking breath to movement and learning the poses.

Here is a quick overview of some traditional yoga classes and unique offerings at Flex & Flow*.

Be sure to check out Flex & Flow’s schedule to find a class for you!

Hatha: Slow flow/more static movement or a set series of poses.

Vinyasa Flow*: The transition/flow between movements and poses. Movements linked to breath.

Power Vinyasa*: A faster and more intense flow of movements and poses linked to breath.

Restorative Yoga: Holding poses and stretches for long periods of time.

Active Restoration*: A movement-based restorative class with dynamic movements and holds.

Hot Yoga: Cardio yoga in a warm/heated/humid room for more calorie burn.

Hit & Flow*: A cardio and yoga hybrid offered at Flex & Flow.

Flex & Flow Upside Down*: A workshop-like exploration of balances and stands.

Run/Walk/Hike Club*: Saturday mornings as a compliment to a yoga practice all around the Pacific Northwest.

So Why Is Yoga Important/Yoga Benefits:

Jamie explains that the benefits are endless!


  • Increased mobility
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased strength
  • More bodily awareness


  • Relaxation in the breath
  • Understanding your mind/body connection
  • Learning mind over matter
  • Learning to get through challenging situations (in all of life!)

Jamie explains that as an endurance runner, she came into yoga in order to get through the physically and mentally difficult parts of a run. She comes back to the philosophies and mindfulness that yoga teaches us in all parts of her life. She finds beauty in the challenging things in life because she knows everything takes practice. It’s about removing the ego and knowing that all things take time and work.

Christa talks about how Fitlandia is all about embracing the power of the mind and learning to use breath work and mindfulness to fight cravings and disempowerment and she LOVES that the movements of yoga embody this mindfulness in a physical way. It aligns perfeclty with the 4 Cornerstones of Fitness:

  • Daily movement
  • Positive thinking
  • Good nutrition
  • Community connection

We can reframe our situations and use positive thinking to change our lives and overcome challenges. In running, in yoga, in society and much much more. Shifting perspective can have such positive effects on everything. At Fitlandia, we call this Mind Zoning. Check out Mind Zoning for more information about how Fitlandia works to use the power of the mind for good.

Jamie talks about a time when she was doing a 100 mile race in Washington and was in a really bad place mentally on the last big climb. She thought she saw someone ahead of her and she worked hard to shift her perspective and power through the challenge. She realized that the drama was all in her mind and she needed to overcome that mental challenge. Yoga helps you learn and embrace this practice.

She also mentions that she is working on a new race in life, as she is 7 months pregnant! What a great opportunity to talk about the

Benefits of Yoga When You are Pregnant:

  • All about breath and staying in tune with the body
  • Some claim it makes delivery easier
  • Helps you stay strong and flexible in body and mind
  • Great for both expecting and new moms
  • There are great prenatal classes to help you learn how to modify
  • If you know how to modify, you can take any regular class as well

Other Exciting Yoga Class/Style Options/Suggestions from Jamie

  • Try many classes/styles at a studio before giving up.
  • Different people love different styles and one will gel with you!
  • Kundalini is a more spiritual and physical yoga practice.
  • Find connection to the community around you.
  • Try new things…don’t limit yourself to one type of yoga.
  • Honor your body/know what works for you and where your limits are.

A huge thanks to Jamie for joining us. You can follow Jamie on Instagram, as well as Flex & Flow and find both Jamie and Flex & Flow on the web to learn more about her fitness and class schedule. We hoped you learned a little more about yoga today!

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